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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bank Robbers

I had a good day and went to work,
After work I went to see my clerk,
What he said made him a jerk.

Kenny, you're not spending your money wise,
In my head I said fuck you, and rolled my eyes,
Now another upgrade for me, he trys.

Nice try man, you're out of whack,
I just wanted to get some money back,
You guys drove me to far, I reached into my sack.

I have a gun, what's up now?
Everyone on your knees while I plow,
Plow through the bank gettin money, can't show you how.

Ya I couldn't take it anymore so I'm robbing a bank,
One man got in my way, drowned him in the fish tank,
You next, my gun I then crank.

Plow! Got that bitch in the head,
Obviously she's dead,
Now forever she'll lye in her death bed.

Shit! The cops are here,
Guys, I'm in a lot of fear,
Time for one last beer.

It's going to be a shoot off, 3 on 11,
We'll all be going to hell not heaven,
It's 4 pm and we've been here since 7.

Time to run, get out of town,
To the garage slowly going down,
We see the police and frown.

This is our chance boys, pull out your guns,
They all had shotgun kind of ones,
They all start to run.

Pow Pow Pow, shots are going off crazy,
Bill got shot in the leg and is hazy,
Get the fuck out of here Daisy!

Me and Daisy run for the car,
Behind us the police weren't far,
We could see his shinny badge star.

They shot a rocket launcher at us,
We exploded over a bus,
Upside down in pain, we cus.

You've been caught you thieves,
Jail is what you two sees,
Try to be happy, cause that's where you're gunna be's.

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