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Friday, November 5, 2010

Recovery In Sobriety

My recovery has taught me to a new way of life,
I've got to say it's amazing in every way,
Learned that I'm not a piece of shit,
Recovery is also teaching me, I don't have to cut with a knife.

There's been times when I've been rocketed into a 4th dimension,
Realized how much my higher power is doing for me,
I told my sponsor all of my secrets that ate me inside,
One of my biggest character defects is seeking attention.

Today, I can see the love my family gives to me,
I can show them love back, let them know I care,
Take care of responsibilities that I couldn't do before,
Have choices today that I respect and live by in life.

Working on my 9th step, which has re leaved me of pain,
The 4th and 5th step showed me how crazy I was,
This disease is patient, it hurts so many, it really does,
The whisper in your ear telling you to use, it's the voice of Cain.

On Thursday nights I go to a fire meeting,
I feel the spirit so strong, it's overwhelming,
Angels have been sent and saved me from Hell,
It's you guys and I that I'm no longer cheating.

When you read this poem, know all is well,
It's always been well, if not, it's how you perceive,
Please be careful with your actions and where you go,
Do your best, believe in yourself and you won't go to Hell.

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