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Friday, November 5, 2010

Peace In Chaos

There's a smile on my face today,
Suffering through hardships is how I get to pay,
Pay others with my experience, able to help them out,
"I've been there too bud, I know what it's all about."

Helping others puts me in a state of bliss,
When I'm happy, sadness i don't miss,
Depression puts me in the darkest hole alive,
Sitting in comfort, also pain, living I don't thrive.

Fought 8 doctors for 15 minutes in rage,
Got tied to the bed, trapped in a cage,
Heart beating 100 miles per hour,
Passed out, woke up in a psyche ward, I was sour.

I helped someone out the other day,
He was in a depression, this is what I did say,
"Pray, meditate, write, slow down, I know how it feels,
Get back on your horse, soon life will give you better deals."

I feel there's peace in chaos absolutely,
Sharing my chaos could help someone flee,
Flee from their chaos, in return getting peace of mind,
Life's a journey, hopefully soon, peace I will find.

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