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Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Blue

The old man sits in his room
In a compleate gloom
Thinking of his doom
Wishing he would have bloomed
Into a different costume
That’s happier than him
At the moment his room is dim and slim
He sings his depressing hymns 
Pressing to get a blessing
Always stressing on guessing 
If his prayers will be answered
From the man who cares, upstairs
Getting chills, his arm hairs stand up
Seeing a grand hand expand to him
Standing in grace, he see’s his face
His archangel came from outerspace
To embrace his lonely trace
“You didn’t erase your faith
it was just misplaced.
Stop chasing a base
and just brace where you are.
Stop living bizarre and pray to the north star.”
This man is no longer scarred
He can do anything he puts his mind to
Whether he has no clue and is blue
He remembers the sky is blue too

Happy Guy

When the moon sleeps
After a long hard night
Smiling with the sun behind
Seeing it’s light

It will be forever
That it survives
Creeping up at midnight
Starts to dive at five

What a happy bugger
Loving every hour
It’ll be here tomorrow
Having it’s amazing power

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chips Too

God damn, I just have to write
About these tortilla chips, they’re tight!
So cool dude
In a fabulous mood
Guess I’ll eat some food
Which is it
2=2 3,4,5 shit
Kenny, Shut
The front door
Pick up those chips off the floor
Put um back in the bag
Trick that hag
Let her eat
Chips that have been where your feet
Have been
Sick, what a win
Ya ya
Wha Wha 
Fu Fu
Su Su
My toes


Eating tortilla chips
Thinking about sailing ships
Not much negative in the head
No longer dread
Being alive
Where would I possibly be
If music hadn’t found me
Filling my soul
Making me feel whole
Ya, chips are good
Wish I could
Eat them faster
Yum yum
Look at my hairy bubble gum
If you don’t know
It’s my nut sack, hoe


Sleeping softly
Beauty forever
Charming men
Love, happiness, bliss
Where did you go
My heart aches for you
I’ve lost the truth
Of what life really is
Will you help me find it