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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Writer

Writing in a trance like a walking zombie,
My zombie's name is Robbie,
Who here knows the it,
If you do, you're full of shit.

When I say it, I'm meaning everything,
It includes birds that sing,
Who is the fellow sitting next to you?
Do you know what he's going to do?

All is one, we are the one,
It combines us all even when we're done,
Please remember your lovers,
Till you see them next, lay in your covers.

In bliss of all that is,
You accept it as your biz,
Can't we all get along,
"Come together right now over me" that song.

I'm just letting it out,
It's night time so I can't shout,
Feeling so happy today
I found out I love myself in every single way.

Let me keep writing,
Lately with writing, I've been slacking,
When will my time be
Not just me but we.

My mother just bitched at me for taking her white blanket,
She'll come down again to ask me, but I'll fake it,
Act like I'm asleep,
Won't even open my eyes a peep.

Well guys I really am going to go to sleep,
Maybe I'll see David Besley in his red jeep,
Thank you to all who read my poetry,
It means so so much to me.

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