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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Little One

Dripping rain drops fall through my face,
I don't fit in, I'm not in the right place,
They treat me like I'm an inconvenience,
At least that's my experience.

When I was young I was very confused,
I felt like all my friends i loosed,
So shy, it was hard making new friends,
I felt like my friends never made it to my ends.

He's funnier, she's smarter, they're rich,
With no self-confidence,all I am is a little bitch,
Always one of the last to be picked,
I'd get super upset and ticked.

"Why won't anyone call me mommy?"
They all make fun of how I dress, I'm not pretty,
Will I ever be able to fit in?
Talking to cute girls, don't even begin.

I played so many sports so I could feel that I belong,
Never spoke up in math class, always thinking I was wrong,
Sat by myself at lunch so I would have to talk,
Back to home, alone I walk.

To all you jerks who hurt my feelings,
I hope you're disgusted with your kids beings,
I curse them with the disability to not talk to others,
And have hatred towards their sisters and brothers.

I have been greatly affected by not fitting in with the crowd,
Most of the time, I sit in my room, write and listen to music loud,
I still always feel alone even if I'm with someone,
Just leave me alone ok, I'm done, you're all dumb.

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