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Saturday, November 20, 2010


So, I got something going on in my head,
IT's the answer to everything that exists,
I get so close to the answer, then I go brain dead,
IT might be time, why everyone looks at their wrists.

One time I almost caught IT,
I was so close to being at the right place at the right time,
IT's such a large answer, I can only comprehend a little bit,
When I figure IT out, there will be an explosion like a land mine.

This "IT," is so unique in it's own way,
IT tricks me, gets me thinking differently,
IT deals with infinity and the end of day,
I think God doesn't want me to figure IT out mentally.

If I were able to figure IT out,
I'd have the answers to everything,
Know what the world is all about,
I'd rule the world and I'd be king.

I've almost had IT over a hundred times,
Then every single time I just go blank,
It's way harder then figuring out those confusing mimes,
I don't even really know the question, it's #1 rank.

IT, I'll understand you before the end,
Everything and more in one is only half of you,
God, let IT open up and transcend,
IT, you're IT, I'm going to watch what you do.

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