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Monday, February 28, 2011

Weird Thoughts In My Head

Slitting my thighs
Hearing my families crys
Why, why, why
All I can do is cry

Over and over again
Usually over women
Control of the blade
Look at what I've made

A sad clown
He has a frown
Tears fall out
He can't shout

Fuck this shit
I'm done with it
Cutting that is
Help me God
I want to follow your rod
My path has been destructive 
I want to live

Just leave the knife alone
It no longer has a home
Help me kick this addiction
All it is is fiction

Love you all
Help each other if one falls
No more crawls


Full of bravery 
No mind slavery
Happy to be alive
Through anything, he'll survive

Running scared
Never prepared
Never not shy
Always wants to die

Worthy of everything
Loves to sing
No one will stop him
Muscular, yet slim

Will never achieve anything
Looses in every ring
People push him away
Thinking he's fat everyday

Willing to help out anyone
Loves to be in the sun
Fights for the good
Burns bright wood

Lets nobody in
Always doing sin
Sits inside and mopes 
He has no hopes

Why does this happen to me
I'm powerful
Yet weak
Full of life
Think I'll never get a wife

Always on a winning streak
Looses every chance I get
Full of heart
Everything is dark
Just accept it Kenny
You're worth more than a penny
Life has it's ups and downs
Have a smile, no more frowns

I don't understand myself fully
Sometimes myself, I bully
It can all be achieved
Just have faith and believe 

Let me learn
Want to earn
A new life
Full of love
Pure as a dove

I'm just confused sometimes
So I write my rhymes
It helps me out
Onto the paper I shout

It's not rocket science
Stop this defiance
Love, love, love myself
Reach out my hand for help

I'm doing great right now
So don't think otherwise
My life is a surprise
I'll stop my selfish lies
No more cries
Let us be as one
Go have fun in the sun
Be full of joy
Explore every aspect 
Nothing I'll reject

So there it is
I get all twisted in my mind
It's hard to find
My purpose
I know I can do it
Reach for the stars
Stop being sealed in jars

Life ahhh
I just blahh
On the paper
No shapes
I'm just me
Let it be

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Stank

Blended in with bushes and trees
Someone just farted
In an old creeky building
Someone done it
Fuck, it's all dry and muggy
God damn look at her ass
It's just perfectly round
I'm so horny girls
Come and get it
If you want 
I'll fuck you so sweetly
Candles lit
Roses on the bed
Red sheets
Black pillows
Lighted cinnamon candles
I lie you on the bed slowly
Start rubbing your body into relaxation
Kiss you on your neck
I make you quiver
We take off each others clothes
Get together
Very close
About to have sex
I fart

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Is This Thing

It's so hard to see
Past the light
There is a fright
Coming out to get you
Or me?
But it doesn't matter
It's just a harmless shadow
Counting on it's fingers
One, two, three
It slips through the window
Creeping slowly towards your back
You turn around
Just to see
How can this be
I thought you just said he was after me
 But he is after you
It's just a simple test
Where will your eyes look
Cause that's where he won't appear
Always behind your head
He creeps by your bed
Sleeping in peace
He starts to strangle you
You start turning blue
Leave me alone
You dial 911 on the phone
Looking back
He's gone
What is this?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Happy, pretty bees 
All in their honeycomb trees
Making honey for me and you
This is what they love to do
Sting you on the damn nose
So you spray them with the hose
Just making them angry
They get hungry
For your skin on your back
They come to attack
You scream in pain as they come
Faster you better run
The little shit gotch ya
This little sting hurt
Now a little blood you squirt
All over a little buzz
You got scared
Tried to get them away
Now "shit" is what you say

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Son Is Gone

The sadness of Christ's death fills my worthless soul
I keep on digging in my deep, dark hole
Feeling like I'm on black ice
I have no control
Riptides crash off my lashes
Lashes on my back bleed from the whips of the wicked
Cries of the holy enter my blankless mind
Who dare destroy what I've created
Jesus was not cremated 
The Resurrection brought forth the light of the sun to the world
But there is still the evil kind
They can't seem to find the right path
They are all blind
Amongst them all, is evil pride
Songs of disaster consume their bankrupt souls
It's not peace that created this madness
They're from Satan's side
Blitzing into the offense of the holy
Hitting many off their feet to their knees
Fucking up for one second could make you loose your life
Paying too much attention gets you nowhere
What do I do now
I love my life, I swear
No one cares about my lashings
Fuck you too, you bastards
You always forget about my soul
Leaving me digging in my hole
Finally realizing I'm gone
You look for me after the hours passed
 I've dug myself six feet under
There is no son

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mass Destruction

So much noise, mental noise
A none stopping typewriter creates it
Filling my brain with insecurities
I scream in silence at my head
Thinking like it's the world against me
Defending myself every second
Creating mass destruction of the mind
It doesn't have to be like this

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alex Jensen

Warrior sent from God
He walks this earth with knowledge
Kindness of his heart is shared with others 
Picks up others when they are down
This man has a golden crown
Helps me through any part of life
Bbbbrrrt! It's our joke
Look at this hole on my pants
Ha ha ha, good times
He's as humble as a monk
12 inch sub in his Subaru's trunk
The past few memorable months I've gotten to know this warrior
Fights when it's right
He'll come for you, whether day or night
One of the best men I've ever met
Meet him if you haven't met him yet
I can trust him to be there
He'll treat anyone fair
God, thank you for putting this man on my path
He's a genuine humnan being
I respect him with all my soul
I can't explain how grateful I am for him
Floyd cracks me up
Your parents raised a good son
Dude, I fuckin love you bro
I want you to know I'm here for you 100%
I know you're a God sent
Let me know where I can help you
Rockin out in my car is what we'll do
Epic times are yet to come
I feel like crying out tears of joy
I have an amazing friend by my side
God loves you, so don't hide


What did I get across to you
When we first met, did you expect
Something else
Like a rock and roll king
A sweet surfer dude
A hardcore skater
Well, those are close but not me
In my life, I am the king bee
I go around in this world peacefully
But if you get too close, my feelings you will see
"What in the hell is wrong with this crazy kid?"
I change like the seasons
Sometimes I rain tears of sadness
Other days, I can be as bright as the sun
I don't hold my feelings in
They show who I am
Can you understand this concept
If you meet me, you'll never forget
I am one of a kind
People like me you won't usually find
I care about you usually more than myself
Can I help
It's all out of love
But sometimes I feel evil
Like hitting a home run to your face
All mankind is a disgrace
I'm ok though
Do you feel my flow
I respect you, but sometimes I don't
You probably feel the same towards me
But it's ok, it's life
Do you understand me

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


All alone
No one answers their phone
I just want a little acknowledgment
I feel as if I'm completely absent
I feel like nobody cares
Talking to me, no one dares
Even though they know I'm nice
It's supposedly to much advice

Does anybody see me
Or is everyone blind and can't see
I'm in an enormous amount of pain
I feel like I'm going insane

What is left to do in life
I'll never have a chance for a wife
Let alone a girlfriend
I feel like this is the end

Lately, I just want to let go
Stop acting in the terrible show
I feel like my writings are no good
I already burned out all the wood
My mind is in a swirl 
Sit in my bed in a curl
Does anyone understand
I'm the leader with no one in my band

Jealous of others relationships
I just sit her eating candy and chips
I'm very unhealthy at this point
I want to relapse, eat mushrooms and smoke a joint
 I didn't cut for 3 months, I was doing good
Then a week ago I fucked up, did what I would
To much is on my mind
A little peace I want to find

To anyone who reads my poem
If you have friends, show them
I just want out
My mind and body is in a drought 

I'm alone guys
I have lots of cry's
This one is asking for assistance 
No more rides in the ambulance

I feel like there's nothing to live for
I just want one more big score
But I know it would be wrong
This is my sad song

Fuck I don't know what's going down
I'm getting dragged down under by Pennywise The Clown
Not much more to be said
Just wish I was dead

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentines Day

My Valentines Day was awesome
I spent the night with a beautiful blossom
Filled with joy that's one of a kind
Another date with her I wouldn't mind

A little Italian restaurant, hidden in a neighborhood
Her eyes lit like firewood
I can't stop this grin from escaping
Our hearts are shaping

Laugh after laugh
My happiness is off the bar graph
Her smile just eats at me, in a good way
Our date was like a perfect play

The food was cooked to perfection
Tonight, there was a little affection
Waiting for two hours, we talked
In the cool night, we walked

Came to my house for a horror flick
Halloween was our pick
Sitting next to me she gets frightened
Her body tightened

I was there to protect her
I am the almighty sir
Ha ha just wanted to put that in
It's not a sin to want to win

I drove her home after
We had a lot of laughter 
Then I gave her a hug goodnight
Tonight was such a beautiful sight

To my date, thank you a ton
I had so much fun
I feel so good right now
A nice beautiful girl was how

Monday, February 14, 2011

What I'd Like

I have a question for you all
How long will it be before you fall
It's all just a matter of time
Piece's is my sign

Where will we be in 5 years
Hooked on drugs and on beers
I don't want it that way
This is what I'll say

How often do we help another out
I do my best to know what helping is about
It makes me feel good
I thing we all should

I'm in a confusing spot with women
But I know I can fall back on my men
Why do I cry over you
I'm living in my own blue

Always asking to hangout
It's always a shut out
Maybe it's just wrong timing
But I'm not smiling

When will I find one to have a good relationship
It seems like no one gives a shit
Except a friend named Alex
He helps me through my wrecks

One girl is what I want
There's no way I'd flaunt
I want her to want me too
 We could be the perfect two

I just sit depressed in bed
Getting all these terrible thoughts in my head
Could a girl please comfort me
Help me to learn how to live free

Well I've said what I'd like
I don't want to go see a psyche
Just a woman to cheer and comfort
I know it's hard to find this sort

I'm getting tired of finding the wrong ones
I'd like one with sexy buns
But also true to herself and others
To me she never bothers

Hope you too are doing ok
I love you all every single way
Hit me up if you need a helping hand
I'll get you out of that quicksand

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Helping Hand

Tears fall from his eyes
Helping him, no one even trys
All alone
He sits depressed at home

Will somebody help out this man
I know someone can
He needs it really bad
Watching him makes me sad

A little shove is all he needs
Grab him before he bleeds
Let him know that someone cares
He's used his flares

Is anybody listening
Half of you don't care and are just snickering 
All it would take is one person
Save him before he's finished and done

Maybe just a smile
Or stay awhile
Anything would benefit
He no longer wants to feel like shit

All I'm trying to say
Help another person today
It could change their lives
Make it so he strives

Help another person out
That's what this life's about
No use in just walking on by
Put out a hand, you know why

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Many a times he's been in my life
Football, wrestling, volleyball
Epic times at the well known Tanner Park
Walking the royal, noble Ace and the hyper Gypsy dogs

Talking during a warm cup of joe 
We relate
Knowing everything in life is how it's supposed to be
I feel comfort, happiness, and honored to be his friend

The time in Tanner Park
Chris, Alex, and I found a golden leaf
All alone, it needs a home
We found the tree of golden leaves 
Putting the treasure with it's partners

How could someone not like this man
Always helping people when he can
He has the look of a strapping young prince
First one in the deck, It's A Card

This kid is humble
With me against all others, he'd rumble
I know he has my back
I have his too

A Card, you know who you are
The love is nowhere far
Be happy with the place your in
Your life did just begin

Love you bro with all my heart
Always here if you need a helping hand
You're a fighter, never give up
God is with you, just look up

Live to Learn to Love Life

In Heaven everything is fine
Working on living
Living to learn
Learning to love
The words that were said hurt
Then, they gave me affirmative inspiration
It's what I always wanted
I finally got a negative experience from one of my poems
Now I have a whole new outlook for poetry

The smell of roses hits my nose
The moon glows

Songs from free will
Sung in the dark
The crowd is still

Pockets empty
A show for all to come
Everything can be done

Band on stage
Every single age
All enjoying the presence

Flocks of birds fill the sky
Everyone starts to fly
Free from confusion

Holding hands
Girl and boy
Learning what love is

Their hearts feel good
Living peacefully
Learning joyfully
Loving life like we all should


Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Last Poem For You All

I'm hurting right now you guys.  I have put my heart out there so many times.  Almost every time it gets smashed to pieces.  I now know of three people that just passed in two days.  My dad has cancer and it hurts my heart knowing my dad's in pain and could die.  My bi-polar is on a downwards spiral.  I keep writing people poems and in return something negative happens.  I wrote my friend a poem for her to be my valentines.  She loved the poem, but then she told me someone already asked her a few hours earlier. I'm sick of being second best.  In sports, with women, picked last in elementary, never number 1.  Then I wrote a coffee shop girl a poem, I asked her how she liked it and she said that I'm fucking weird or strange.  Both poems caused me sadness in the end.  So I don't know how long it will be till I write next.  Life sucks right now.  I feel alone.  I just want to stay in my room and sleep.  I don't want to write on the internet anymore cause I don't want to affect anyone in a negative way.  So for now this will be my last poem...

Putting my heart out in the open to share
So many times I've gotten a bad glare
It hurts having my heart smashed to smitherines 
I'm sinking like a mayday submarine 

Left to right
Day or night
I do my best
But my heart gets ripped out of my chest

The pain I feel in my hearts hurt
The tears in my eyes squirt
Like little raindrops hitting the ground
No hope on earth is to be found

Brain going crazy
Feeling light headed and hazy
I just want to sleep
Forever count the sheep

Thumps in my chest pound
I can hear my hearts sound
Barely eating any food
Being in my place, who would

Leave me alone for a while
I'm done with my poetry style
No more will be shared
I feel like no one's cared

I feel stupid writing to them
I thought I gave them a jem
I was way wrong
It's been a terrible song

My father has cancer
I wish I had the answer
But I do not
I don't want to see him rot 

This is my last sad poem to you
There's nothing else I can do
It just hurts too much inside
Now I'm going to hide

Thank you to the ones who read
I no longer need to bleed
Just need to stop writing
It just causes drama or fighting

Let this last be know
Everything I wrote is not just a show
It's true, everyone

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two People Passing

Falling up to the sky
Right now I cry
Two friends passed today
I just don't know what to say

Feeling confused
A little lost
Can't Focus
Feel abused

Rock solid guy
Around 6'5"
Just up and vanished
I still don't think he's finished

Friend of my cousin
Didn't know you
But I fell the sorrow
We'll be with you tomorrow

Death is to close to me lately
It's getting to me insanely 
What are the chances someone really close will die
I hope no one will have to fly
Away with their pair of wings
The God and Goddess sing

Much love and comfort to everyone

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Kid Who Saved My Life (Josh G)

On October 22 2008
Was my suicide attempt date
It was attempted not commited
Because Josh instantly reacted 
I ragged on his name
When I was the one to blame
A lot of things were my actions
Just trying to get instant satisfactions
We've had epic times together
Longboarding in any weather
Josh and I will kick your ass
We'd take on any mass
I'm sorry Josh, for the things I've said
This poem is my ammend
Will you forgive a brother that loves you
Know this is true
Josh found me in a bloody mess in the bathroom
I was face to face with doom
He banged that door at the right time
Death, would have been mine
  For this I'm forever grateful
This man saved my soul
Thank you Josh G
You and I are an epic team
Sometimes I get angry
My rage gets hungry
For anything  to eat up, spit out
I get so mad and want to shout

But my apology
Thank you for my life
You saved me after I used the knife
Rushed me to the doctors who saved me
I now live free
Thank you bro
Sorry for my bad poem show
I was just angy
I was not coping
Let me say one last thing
I love you bro
To Judas Priest
Lets go sing

Love ya Josh
I apologize

Boo, I See You

Her beauty
Long, luscious, blonde hair
Body of a goddess
Piercing blue eyes
Smile that gets me going
Everything of hers is worth showing 
Only when the time is right

She speaks
"So good to see you!"
It's honestly my pleasure
This moment I will forever treasure

She kisses me on the cheek
The little boy in me wants to squeak
Out of excitement
I get slow flowing butterflies
Time stops
I'm in awe

Could we possibly ever hangout
"Of course, give me a jingle"
Man, I'm so glad I'm single

Do I even have a chance
Like when I wanted to slow dance
With the beauty
Of pure joy
My love
One day,I'll give to a girl that fits with me
My heart will deploy

My Boy Goose

It's the man of the century
Once I saw him kiss Jentry
A man who has been there for me 100 percent
Always there if I need to vent
Goose is his name
He deserves no blame
One of the best persons I know
Remember the hypnotist show
Goose, Spencer, and I are the tri-pod
First time with Quinn, who is now with God
Goose and Evan in Peter's pathfinder
Trippin hard, minds on a winder
Goose, thank you for all your advice
Hell ya, we got to see Thrice
I look up to you like a brother
I know you've got my back like no other
Ha, ha, ha, remember when you tried out for volleyball
Brough wanted you cause you're so tall
Drinking Mountain Dew's back in the day at Sam's
I can't thank you enough for going to Tim's rock jams
You are truly one of my best friends
I'm with you on this journey wherever it bends
I'd got to hell and back for you
I love ya bro, this is true

Your Filth Got You What You Deserved

Hatred fills his veins
Everyone's fault except Cain's
Ravaged Spirit full of sorrow
You'll not be seeing him tomorrow

Entering in the room, he takes your soul
Every dream, every goal
Stripped from your pure little mind
Happiness you won't be able to find

He'll rip your eyes from your skull
Now seeing Satan as your role
You're stuck in his quicksand
Sinking in, you take his hand

Laughing hysterically, he looks at you smiling
You can't stop your confused crying
He has you on his side
Drags you in chains with pride

Something just isn't right
Trying to put up a fight
You get whipped down to the ground
His voice is the only sound

You hurt him, he hurt you back
Now your in his death sack
Your fucking done for
Just a body now, no core