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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spencer Hogwerth

Yo, I be writin about my boy Spencer,
Your guys' friendship sucks, ours is denser,
We be mobbin up to our secret fort,
Our friendship has been long, not short.

We are the captains of outrageous fashion,
All kinds of music is our passion,
Huffin gasoline with Goose, walking down the street,
We would wobble together on our feet.

Hey look, it's Bob Burnquest, nice glasses,
Running in the streets of Delta with our naked asses,
My favorite times in life have been with him,
He's got a presence that's not whatsoever dim.

Night games, beating up Dodger or Cameron,
This friendship of ours will never be an abandon,
Both of us are the black sheep of the family,
Fuck it, lets go hide in our fort in the tree.

Longboarding in 9th grade together,
Remember soaking while skating in the rainy weather?
Now we live in different states, so what,
We still help each other through any rut.

Well my friend, it's been real, always,
You're my best friend, fuck what anyone else says,
Yet to come are great memories in the nights and days,
I promise I'll come visit you on the Cali bays.

Love you bro, you're my boy for life!

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