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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moon Lit Bay

Walking down the moon lit bay
Enjoying holding her hand

Her dress is sky blue
With little yellow flowers
Placed on randomly

She starts to sing a song
One she wrote when she was young
She had done no bad

So pure, I shed a tear of joy
She sang lovely for hours
It never got old

I knew she wrote it from her heart
Every sentence was so true and bold

Finishing her song
We look each in each others eyes
We then smile

Feeling the love swarm all around us
We touch lips

An overwhelming shock
Goes throughout my body
There was no denial

My eyes closed
I picture us in a
Red rose garden

She's in white
I'm in black

A man in white
Tells us how
We shall live together

I then open my eyes
We have fallen in love
Walking down the moon lit bay

Where Am I?

It has a smell of a hint of pickles,
Some people in here give me the wiggles,
All around are different kinds of races,
Some beautiful and many ugly faces.

People acting like absolute fools,
Smoking Marlboro's, Camel's, and Kool's,
To sit on, there are mostly stools,
A lot of the people here are tools.

Fucking hard asses starring at me,
Because I'm alone writing for free,
If I get in a fight here, many will see,
All gocking, the men won't leave the women be.

There are a few t.v.'s on the wall,
Once in a while you'll see someone fall,
Many different items you can choose from,
Half of the time, hot women will come.

Sometimes there are pool tables in here,
A few of these nasty places I fear,
If you don't know where I am so far,
I'll tell you guys, it's a fucking bar.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas My Friends

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas friends,
Thanks for helping me through my bends,
I respect every single one of your trends.

From the parties to the hikes in the mountains,
It's all been beautiful like the oceans,
"One Love" to you all, tis true as Bob Marley's quotations.

You guys supporting me in my sobriety,
We have a dope ass secret society,
Our life depends on "our" recovery.

To those who supported me in jail,
It means the world to me, now all is swell,
Thank you to those who have helped me out of my hell.

You all mean so so much to me,
Spencer, we had dope times in that tree,
I hope you all see the love I see.

Goose, Tyler, Peter, Ian, and Davey,
Thanks for the safe place to party,
Getting me back into the program, thanks Marky (Mark Robison).

To all the women, you girls blow my mind,
So helpful, loving, beautiful, and kind,
A smile you have helped me find :).

To all my boys out there,
Thanks for having my back, I've got yours, I swear.
It's fucking amazing how much you guys care.

Everybody, I honestly love you all,
If you need me, I'll catch you if you fall,
For you, thousands of miles I would crawl.

To myself, another year survived,
Good job my man, forget about the things you've knifed,
A new love for life you've revived.

Let us all have a great 2011,
Rest In peace, all our friends in heaven,
I love you all 24/7.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Can't Die Dead Enough

I can't stay down enough to die,
Living in this hell hole, is there a reason why?
I keep on getting pulled up from 6 feet under,
Is it the Gods who created the thunder?

I can't die dead enough to have a final end,
Angels save me, the Gods they did send,
Weakness runs through my body figure,
This spirit of mine is so impure.

The fire burns on, even though I don't want it to,
My fire burned bright when I was young and not in the blue,
But something changed, I became sad and lonely,
I'm by myself, I am depressed and the only.

Just let me go, I hate living with this head,
My blood is sad blue, it is no longer red,
From my cuts of hatred towards my mind,
All in rows of guilt and shame they are lined.

They found me left for dead in a gutter,
All shocked, there was an enormous clutter,
I can't finish it, people keep saving me,
Even when I was almost dead hanging from a tree.

Please, just let me finish my task at hand,
My next attempt is to sink in that quicksand,
That will take me under to the fire,
I plan to put out the flame, death is my desire.

Spencer Hogwerth

Yo, I be writin about my boy Spencer,
Your guys' friendship sucks, ours is denser,
We be mobbin up to our secret fort,
Our friendship has been long, not short.

We are the captains of outrageous fashion,
All kinds of music is our passion,
Huffin gasoline with Goose, walking down the street,
We would wobble together on our feet.

Hey look, it's Bob Burnquest, nice glasses,
Running in the streets of Delta with our naked asses,
My favorite times in life have been with him,
He's got a presence that's not whatsoever dim.

Night games, beating up Dodger or Cameron,
This friendship of ours will never be an abandon,
Both of us are the black sheep of the family,
Fuck it, lets go hide in our fort in the tree.

Longboarding in 9th grade together,
Remember soaking while skating in the rainy weather?
Now we live in different states, so what,
We still help each other through any rut.

Well my friend, it's been real, always,
You're my best friend, fuck what anyone else says,
Yet to come are great memories in the nights and days,
I promise I'll come visit you on the Cali bays.

Love you bro, you're my boy for life!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Creep

Pulsating eyes bleed out yellow flames,
In his brain he gets these crazy games,
Who did this, nobody claims.

Shook up head from the intense noise,
Brain cells fighting, then destroys,
The king to them all so annoys.

Twitching legs, he wants to saw them apart,
Paint with his own blood, make some evil art,
This world of his, he can't restart.

Clenched jaw, biting his teeth together,
It's because off this cold cold weather,
His face is rough like dry leather.

Ravage fists just wanting to punch,
His back is gross with a terrible hunch,
When he walks his ankles crunch.

You woke him up from his sleep, he then arose,
He's angry, he'll grab you if you come close,
Cannibalism is his diagnose.

Just let him go back to sleep,
No one wants to see him, the creep,
He'll just grab you and pull you into the deep.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Rocket me to another dimension,
I need to get rid of this tension,
It's like a bad commercial on the television.

Saucers take me to their master,
They tell me our earth is a disaster,
The rulers are the spell casters.

War, it's the number one killer,
Dead bodies in caskets are the filler,
This life of ours is a terrible thriller.

Why is it we kill over Gods name?
All it's causing is a bunch of blinding shame,
Doesn't anyone see we are following Cain?

Whatever, it will never be worked out,
So much confusion I want to shout,
What is this life's meaning, what's it about?

I don't feel that war is the answer,
It's as bad as trying to figure out cancer,
Sad as rotten crops are to a rancher.

Who will come up with the solution?
When will we stop our pollution?
We are all in a state of confusion.

Come my friends, let us be one,
Let us shine bright like the sun,
If we act now, maybe the earth won't be done.

Haven't Been Writing

Well as some of you may know I haven't wrote much in December,
Unlike 20 some odd poems in November,
I've been doing really good
Just haven't been writing like I should.

What's been going on?
Snowboarding, girls, friends, work, I've been gone,
I've really been missing out on writing,
It always helps me, keeps me fighting.

Sorry to those who check to see if I'm ok,
I am, just haven't been writing everyday,
I think I was writing so much that I didn't know,
Know what to write, felt I had nothing to show.

But I feel a new inspiration,
It's the beauty in everything and it's collaboration,
Everything has been one with me lately,
Tons of women I've been looking at gratefully.

Well anyways it's about time I start out a new one,
New poems, some will be sad, others fun,
What will be my next masterpiece?
Hey baby! How about some cheese?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Suicide Of Mine

October 22nd 2008 is my suicide attempt day,
I can't tell you every detail, but this is what I'll say,
I was in a tremendous amount of pain,
Satan as my accomplice, I took Gods name in vein.

I was sad over a girl that treated me like shit,
After so much, I couldn't take anymore, I was done with it,
I left work early that day and I went home,
Went straight to the bathroom, I didn't roam.

Listening to Bob Dylan's song "Tangled Up In Blue,"
This is how I attempted suicide, this is what I did do,
Half a family sized bottle of Tylenol makes my stomach rumble,
Next two prescriptions of Trazedone which makes me stumble.

Also I didn't know Tylenol was a blood thinner,
Two other suicide attempts, I was not a beginner,
Ready to leave this cruel place,
I had a smile on my face.

I grabbed my two razorblades, got in that evil shower,
Slitting my left wrist again and again was the power,
So many cuts, I thought I was done,
Nope, I decided to cut again inside the middle one.

I laid down in comfort as I lost the red blood,
From all my cuts came a non-stopping bloody flood,
I'd stand up for a few seconds just to fall right back down,
It was at that moment I could feel evils crown.

As I sat in warmth, Satan walks in,
Evil thoughts and wicked laughs start to begin,
So excited to get out of this terrible life,
I was extremely happy that I used the knife.

Honestly, I could fell Satan's presence right by my side,
I couldn't get up and run, there was no place to hide,
I lost so much blood, I had no control,
Over my strong body, I was loosing my soul.

Every single second I could feel myself starting to die,
I didn't want to live, I thought there was no reason why,
I started to shake uncontrollably, the water had gone cold,
In that shower for an HOUR AND A HALF, I thought I was sold.

The water was ice cold, I had to get out,
Slipping and falling as I tried to stand about,
I wanted to be warm so I grabbed my black towel,
Next part of the story was my biggest foul.

I lost my balance so I put my left hand down,
Fell again and again, it was a bloody mess, I did frown,
This scene was literally hell on earth,
I felt my life was not worth.

All of the sudden there were bangs on the door,
It was then my heart sunk to the deep core,
"What the fuck's going on in there man?
Unlock the door or I'm busting it open, you know I can!"

It took me 30 seconds to unlock that impossible knob,
He was starring in, back and forth I did bob,
"Where the fuck did all this blood come from?"
I showed him my wrist, I was completely numb.

He asked why I had done it,
At that time I lost so much blood I couldn't say shit,
He wrapped me in a blanket, carried me down three flights of stairs,
I knew death was not far, he was saving me because he cares.

There was one thing that might have saved me,
I wanted heat, he said "no" and turned on the AC,
He drove like a bat out of hell to the hospital,
He knew I was close to death and it was fatal.

When we arrived he ran for a wheelchair,
Rushed me into the hospital then started to blare,
"This kid's cut himself way fucking bad!"
All the other patients were shocked and were sad.

Multiple doctors came to save me from hell,
Then they said, "You can close your eyes, all is well,"
Why I was saved, truly I don't know,
I think it was just an intermission in my show.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alfred Jenkins!!!!!!!!

Alfred Jenkins is the name of my notebook,
It's a new black one, take a look,
New writings are sure to come,
Using the pen is where it comes from.

What craziness is going to be written in here?
Maybe writings of braveness, maybe some of fear,
Maybe with this notebook I'll become a star,
The time in here maybe I'll get really far.

New writings come out of me like nothing,
People keep asking me, "If you write, do you sing?"
It's really been on my mind, could I do it?
If feel I can, just need to stop giving my voice shit.

Writing is something I do for fun and to release,
It keeps me warm like a winter fleece,
Positive poems turn into making life positive,
Negative poems cause hurt, some I don't want to live.

Right now I'm feeling happy, free, and calm,
I'd like to get my future read from my palm,
Even though the future doesn't exist. It's all now,
I'll do good now, I just lost sight, now I know how.

The ego mind always always wants a conflict,
For example, getting down on myself cause I'm an addict,
I'm a piece of shit who is bi-polar,
It doesn't matter, stop making it a coral.

:) So thankful for everything on my journey,
It made me who I am, right now I'm comfy,
So, this notebook is out to a good start,
All these writings will come from my heart.

Monday, December 6, 2010

On Top Of The World

So I'm riding on top of this world,
Writing this poetry with my fingers curled,
I'm so freaking excited to snowboard,
Old toys make me happy that I hoard.

Riding on the white snow is soon to be,
Carving right and left through every tree,
Jump off cliffs, float into the powder,
Why do skiers think I'm a coward?

I figured out that I love myself completely,
I understand "IT" but I don't, infinitely,
"Can someone spare me some love, please?"
"You already have it, just bow to your knees."

We all have "IT" within us, you know,
It's just life, so let it flow,
We all make situations so confusing,
Lets just stop this mental abusing.

God is in me, I see it every day,
Be careful with your actions and what you say,
Cause Satan can be there too, really,
He'll consume your soul, you'll be forever chilly.

I'm just writing as I feel,
Spirituality is a great deal,
To everyone and myself, I love you,
I'm on top of this world, no longer in the blue.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I am one of Christ's warriors,
I plowed through thousands of barriers,
Running wild to set them free,
They are stuck under Satan's tree.

Rapidly slicing through the devils goons,
They all look like vicious baboons,
Razor sharp teeth dripping blood,
They're just as strong as a flash flood.

I'm fighting for their freedom,
My heart is pounding like a steal drum,
Out of no where I get a bad feeling,
One of the baboons was creeping.

Hit me with his wooden club,
It was me they wanted to grub,
Out comes my guardian wolf,
Picked me up and dragged me to the gulf.

Thank you guardian, you saved me,
But I still need to save them from he,
I'm going back to fight my fight,
I don't care if I lose, I know it's right.

I grab both of my swords, stand up tall,
They all look at me like I'm small,
I will show them who is going to win,
The end of them all, I now begin.

Fallen baboons everywhere,
The last one looks at me with a stare,
He runs, scared like hell,
I went to the tree and told the people all is well.

We marched back to our city with pride,
The devil, from me, will now hide,
At least for a little while,
But for now, I have a smile.