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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Burning One

The Burning One

Fire and lightning in my eyes,
The one who trys, is the one that dies,
Rage and hatred in my heart,
To comfort me, don't even start.

There is blood upon my hands,
The evil one, they are his commands,
I'll tie the knoose around their neck,
Hang the mother fucker from the deck.

I weild the sword of fire and ice,
Nothing about my presence is nice,
With this sword, i'll cut your throat,
Into the heavens, you'll not float.

Down in Hell you'll burn with me,
The evil one i follow, you will see,
Feel his powerful wrath upon your soul,
His temptations are not whatsoever dull.

Now you are down here forever till the end,
It's cause the path you followed did soever bend,
You get to pay for the sins you did commit,
Suffer in Hell for eternity, in your pain you shall sit.

Feel the evil, and feel it now,
Follow the Devil, and he will show you how,
If you shall follow his lead,
You too will be the dominate breed.

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