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Friday, November 19, 2010

Can You Guess?

Da do dut, do da do da do,
Can you guess what I am, I'll give you one clue,
"Tangled Up In Blue"

Still don't know, is still a little shady?
A part of it was in the year 1980,
Clue 2: "Sentimental Lady."

Ha ha ha, you have no idea what I say,
Well it's not a skit or a play,
Clue 3: "Thoughts On A Rainy Day."

Ok ok ok, back to the start,
Magnificent sound is a big part,
Clue 4: "Affairs Of The Heart."

This one is on the mountain side,
Better get behind a large tree and hide,
Clue 5: there's a ginormous "Landslide."

Running out of the forest are a bunch of deer,
But you're not by, so don't fear,
Clue 6: I don't "Wish You Were Here."

From his voice you hear his cry's,
Listening to it gives me the best highs,
Clue 7: Girl, I love your "Brown Eyes."

Well, if you didn't get it, it's a song,
I love all music, either short or long,
Lets all listen closely and get along.

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