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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Cute little babies
Funnier than a blind dog with rabies 
Doing as they please
Crawling on their knees
Diapers filled with disease
Flying to eat it, fleas 
Cause trouble
Two causes double
Playing with their toys
Some girls and some boys
It's amazing how they live
Always willing to give
Life in the moment
Happiness is sent
One day I want a kid
I'll never get rid
Of my baby
Find my love
Hope it's not just a maybe

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jom And Terry

Running from the cat
He's got to be fast
Think as if he were one

A mouse
Small and sneaky
Living on the edge
Reality strikes him
The cat/mouse chase has begun 

Under the table
To the kitchen
Towards the fridge
He wants the cheese
Needs his feed

The cat is just one step behind
Grabbing at his tail
The mouse is in trouble
Needs a game plan to escape

Pokes the cat in the eyes
The cat cries, letting go
The mouse runs to his hole
Safe and secure
He rests in his matchbox 

Still needs some cheese
Writes out his next plan on the chalkboard
Feeling ready to execute 
He goes at it again
The chase goes on

Plan B

The devil asked me to join him
What's the space time continuum
Involved with his plan
I thought I ran, but I didn't
He was just standing there
I lost my brain to the solution
But where did it come from
I think it came from an escalator
But it was found in the city of New york
Where did I go
To the sea of Galaly
Maybe but not very likely
To win a bull in a fight and have no sight
It rains lemon drops in
To a foster home with children
White, yellow and green
Some you have seen 
But not really
Except in space
You'll see their face
It's got to be
Well, I have an idea
Lets count to ten
Run to heaven
Play tag with the devil
But be on God's level
Do you know what I mean
Where I go
Who I know
How I am
When will I leave
To that otherside
Will I have to hide
From God
I'm not following his rod
So, party time
It's all fine

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should Have Spoke Up

Tears ran down his weary face
No place to go
Lost faith in God
Wondering whether to take his life or not

One week has passed and gone
Still, he sits in that same rocking chair
His love has left him in the dust
Wondering, will he ever find love again

Pondering inside his mind
What should he do
All alone, no one's been by for weeks
He just wants a little love and attention

No more tears to cry
He's decided to give up on himself
Grabs the gun and ammo
Goes up to their old room

"I hate you all
I hope you're all in pain when you find out
No one could have saved me
Have fun cleaning up my blood!"

He puts the gun in his mouth
"Fuck this life"
Blows his head off into shatters
His pain finally leaves his body

Friends and family cried when they heard
No one has ever felt the same
His ex-lover never got the chance to tell him
She was pregnant

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emerson's Haunted House

      There is a house on Emerson street.  Everyone in town dares not go to that corner house.  A rumor says this house has had many guessing murders.  Only ghost's are in there, not even a mouse.  The house is dark brown with a black roof that's sagging.  The smell is gagging.  Dead grass that crunches when you step on it.  Pale green window shutters, broken, ragged, tired. 
      Every night at midnight the living room light turns on, but no one is inside.  The ghost's are playing and are never gone.  Music exits the house, sounding like crying ravens in enormous pain.  The feeling of death fill your soul when you walk by.  You feel insane, talking to yourself, saying you'll be ok.
      Hell awaits inside for anyone that enters this haunted house.  Nobody has had enough courage to enter.  One day someone will and they won't come out.  They'll be trapped, FOREVER!

The Rhythms

Mystical beats do their justice
Just another beautiful instance
Recreates the haggard mind
Peace we will find
Rockin tunes bust a beat
Don't hold on to your seat
Many feelings will rush through
Freedom too
Sanity flys far away
Beautiful guitars play
Awha!  You lost it
That's where we fit
Lost in the palace of joy
I'm a happy little boy
Righteous rhythms dude
No need to be rude
The numbness feels so right
Please, don't fight
Ride into the rainy night
Look into the light
Falling to the sky
No reasons why
It's just that
No noise is flat
Come on baby, one more time
Your ears chime
You can see it all
Just get up if you fall
No rhyme or reason
Spring up, it's the season
Never hold back
Fill your life sack
Full of music
It's all sick

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Lets go out and play
It's a sunny day
The leaves are bright and green
Lets act like we're thirteen

It smells fresh
We could sit and play chess
The grass is newly cut
We could go hide in a rut

Tag, you're it
The trees are lit
Dogs on leashes
Lets eat cake pieces

Look, there's a plane in the sky
Oh shit we're all going to die
It's crashing down on us
All I can do is cuss

Boom, the airplane hits the ground
Such a big explosion, no bodies were found
What a sad story
It gives me glory

Friends Of Mine

My friends are true
There for me when I need a helping hand
I need my friends, like plants need water
From playing on the playgrounds, to hiking in the mountains
Good times have been created
Smiles, laughs, hugs and much more
Never alone
We party it up
Who has their Rockin Out Insurance
Camping, swimming, sports
They all know I wear short shorts
Which one of you remembers the OPC
They're honest
Tell me when I'm messing up
Huka anyone
All inspire me to be a better person
Seen sights of pure beauty
Epic times at Tanner Park
Frisbee for hours till the sun sets
They'll never leave my side
Understand that I have problems
Catch me when I fall
You guys are absolutely amazing
I'm here for you always and forever
It's an honor to know you all
Lets sit back and listen to some music
Go to Tanner and throw rocks
Why don't you come swimming at my pool
Great times are yet to come
We'll be friends till the end and after
I love you all
Lets make another chapter

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fighting For My Sanity

One verses eight
It was my fate
Punches like lightning
They surrounded me
The doctors and cops wouldn't leave me be
I attacked
They climbed on my back
I threw them all like rag dolls
Mess with me in a rage, you got to have some balls
Freaking out
All I could do was fight and shout
He creeped up from behind
A doctor gave me a shot, a tranquillizer kind 
I still fought till it kicked in
This was where their win started to begin
They strapped me down to the bed
I had so much adrenalin in my body and head
I felt like I was dying
To get free, I was trying
I couldn't breathe anymore
I woke up somewhere I didn't know
It looked like a mental television show
I asked a nurse where I was at
She said "a psyche ward," I just sat
I was confused why I was in there
Probably cause I acted like an angry bear
It was one of the worst times I've ever had
The psyche ward was bad
I ended up going there one more time
I was suicidal and not fine
I hope to never go there again
Suicidal again, then...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let Us Be Free Again

Wild children
Running free
Soaring through the trees
Escaping from the bees 
Trying to sting the kids
No success
They're too fast
Having ideas come from no where
They play purely
Their nature is truly magnificent 
Where did we stop this fun
Playing in the sun
We sit inside and mope
Don't know how to cope
It's all in our heads
Let us again be free
Just to let it be
Charming others
Love our fathers and mothers
I want to be the change the world needs
Plant the seeds
Of true life
Kind of sad I still use the knife
It sets me free
In return I'm trapped in my own hell
Not all is well
I just want to be like a kid again
Have fun wherever I've been
All it is, is a choice
Let us hear our voice
Use your imagination
Your heart will have inflation
What I'm trying to say
Live your life day by day
Serve others
Play with your brothers
Reach a point of bliss
Sadness you'll never have to miss
Amen to that 

The Fun Palace

I lye on my left 
On the right couch
Up in the sky
Down in Hell
Stuck wherever it is
Circles, circles, circles
Now I'm straight forward
The doors of perception open
It's just my turn
In this game that never ends
Did I make the right move
All I did was sit
There was a huge conflict
Should I stay or go
He will tell me
The answers are inside
I'm inside the palace
I need a door to get to the other room
Close my eyes
Open them
There it is
I just had to open my eyes
Let myself know something's there
It's your turn now
Let me know how it goes

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Powerful Tiger

There was a tiger that was vicious
Every kill was judicious
 Running 50 miles an hour
The tiger had superpower 

Tiger was wise
Also precise
Making a plan for killing
The kill is thrilling  
Razor sharp teeth
Rocks are what they hide beneath
9 inch claws
Powerful jaws

Real instincts
Smell very distinct
Power of God's dogs
Not one has bogs
Piercing eyes
No good goodbye
They prey their next victim
Soon to be the prince of the kingdom 

Resting the night before the fight
He had to turn out the light
To recover for the next night
The morning would be a beautiful killing site

Prey shall come
The plan is done
Kill the weak
Always sneak

Where Is That Light?

Remember that song called "Kill Me!"
Turn on the light
Turn on your head
With the howling wolf
Beyond death 
Seeing places you've seen before
Where to explore
In the Cerebral Cortex
Maybe the left thyroid
Coming back from reality
Did you leave the light on
Was your head involved
Did you involve the Streets Of Life
Back to the Alleyways Of The mind
Getting it together
Equals one
Here comes the revolution
I'd be disappointed with myself
Get it the fuck together man
The Evening Star rose up
We found the truth
Don't want to be a part of
So we sought for different vision
Blind to the untrained eye
We learned to fly
He helped me see
Brought the light back to my eyes
The smoke in the dreary night blinded me
Now I know
There's a howling wolf
Under the brightest star
Somewhere I once knew
That equals one
It brought me here

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Poem For Cigarrettes

Fill up your lungs with death
You can fill it in every breath
Cancerous chemicals
Soon to be skeletals

Every drag you're loosing minutes
You're body is reaching its limits
Coughing up brown tar
Isn't this bizarre 

Addicted, can't find the power to quit
Not wanting to commit
The nicotine has you by the balls
It's built up its walls

"What is that smell?"
Your breath isn't so well
Fingers turning yellow
Your a real charming fellow

Money you earn
You just burn
Spent it on a pack of smokes
Too big of a drag, chokes 

Also, so good for the teeth
Embarrassed, your lips they're beneath
With smelly breath you say hi
She just says bye

Smoking when you're sick
You're really helping, you dick
Second hand smoke, damn
Sorry man

You aren't just hurting yourselves
Keeping them on our shelves 
Your little brother gets one
Smokes it, now he's done

Why did we ever start
Ruining the family heart
It'll kill us one day
But, I'll smoke one anyway

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Game

She's got colorful rainbow eyelashes 
Passion for fashion
Long skinny legs
Voice that corrupts your thoughtless mind
Relax, she's 20 feet away
I want to give her a good hello
The wind's blowing smoothly through her locks of blond hair
Sun setting
I say hello
"Well hey there"
She spoke
Shivers ran down my spine
I choke, can't get any words out
We smile brightly towards each other
"Can we hangout sometime?"
"If you're lucky!  Here's my digits."
Ahhh! I got so excited
I got red cheeks being so happy
Smiling so big
"Thanks, I'll give you a jingle sometime."
She vanishes 
Never answered one call

Angel Trucks

I'll put my pathetic worries in the sandbox
The children take care of it when they go play with the sand
Burying them down deep
My worries are taken away
I feel free
I hop in the sandbox with the children
Start playing trucks
"Where did you come from?"
"Space children, space."
Looking confused, they say "Cool, want to play?"
I'd love to join your adventure!"
They smile, looking peaceful
A little rain drop exits my eye
Thinking in my head, wondering
How are they so perfect, so free
"Mister, an angel came down from heave and told me he'd always be with me."
The angels are in their eyes, just in disguise
My angel is with me always
He shows me what is true
He led me to the children

Where Is It

Where is it found?
In a warm coffee shop?
How about in a drag of a cigarette?
Maybe it's art on the crumbly walls?
Or the open sign?
Maybe it's in the hand of an Iranian playing cards?
Or maybe, just maybe it's in our hearts,
Free from seeing this outside world.
I think that's it.
That sounds the most likely to fit.
Lets go back to the start.
It's found in the heart.
You can share it at a coffee shop while you talk and smoke a cigarette.
The art on the walls is the love people put on a piece of paper.
The open sign welcomes you to it's heart with friendly beings inside.
For the people playing cards,
I think it's just the hearts on the cards themselves.
Well I found a little love tonight.
A coffee shop was the place.
Your question made me question,
Where is the love?