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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To A Fabulous Friend

This woman is an amazing one,
For me, she's always been there,
Ever since junior high we've had so much fun,
It rocked when she had dreads in her hair.

Kallie is such a sweet heart,
The love she gives to me is unbelievable,
Very wise, very smart,
Kallie, nothing in life is unachievable.

Kallie, you are one of the truest friends I've ever had,
You've been there for me through hard times,
You have an amazing body, nothing about it is bad,
Wrongs you've done, they're no crimes.

This is from my heart when I say this,
You're an amazing, lovable person,
Can I do anything for you mis,
I'll be by your side when life does worsen.

Baby, you're beautiful,
Body of a goddess,
Remember to be careful,
Not to be inappropriate, I'd love to see you topless.

Kallie, honestly you bring joy in my life,
Don't listen to others negativity towards you
I know one day you'll be a loving mother and wife,
Live your life to the fullest, don't live in blue.

Anyways, just wanted to write to tell you I love ya,
Call me whenever you feel like it,
If someone's mean, fuck um, their lost huh,
Don't follow others, do your own shit.

From your friend who will always care,
You're absolutely breath taking,
Between you and me it's confidential, I'd never share,
I love you as a best friend, I'm not faking.

Kallie, you've been an amazing friend and I thank you for that,
Just so you know, I will always have your back,
Keep pushing forward and you will win,
Love ya tons babe, hope this poem isn't a sin.

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