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Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Blue

The old man sits in his room
In a compleate gloom
Thinking of his doom
Wishing he would have bloomed
Into a different costume
That’s happier than him
At the moment his room is dim and slim
He sings his depressing hymns 
Pressing to get a blessing
Always stressing on guessing 
If his prayers will be answered
From the man who cares, upstairs
Getting chills, his arm hairs stand up
Seeing a grand hand expand to him
Standing in grace, he see’s his face
His archangel came from outerspace
To embrace his lonely trace
“You didn’t erase your faith
it was just misplaced.
Stop chasing a base
and just brace where you are.
Stop living bizarre and pray to the north star.”
This man is no longer scarred
He can do anything he puts his mind to
Whether he has no clue and is blue
He remembers the sky is blue too

Happy Guy

When the moon sleeps
After a long hard night
Smiling with the sun behind
Seeing it’s light

It will be forever
That it survives
Creeping up at midnight
Starts to dive at five

What a happy bugger
Loving every hour
It’ll be here tomorrow
Having it’s amazing power

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chips Too

God damn, I just have to write
About these tortilla chips, they’re tight!
So cool dude
In a fabulous mood
Guess I’ll eat some food
Which is it
2=2 3,4,5 shit
Kenny, Shut
The front door
Pick up those chips off the floor
Put um back in the bag
Trick that hag
Let her eat
Chips that have been where your feet
Have been
Sick, what a win
Ya ya
Wha Wha 
Fu Fu
Su Su
My toes


Eating tortilla chips
Thinking about sailing ships
Not much negative in the head
No longer dread
Being alive
Where would I possibly be
If music hadn’t found me
Filling my soul
Making me feel whole
Ya, chips are good
Wish I could
Eat them faster
Yum yum
Look at my hairy bubble gum
If you don’t know
It’s my nut sack, hoe


Sleeping softly
Beauty forever
Charming men
Love, happiness, bliss
Where did you go
My heart aches for you
I’ve lost the truth
Of what life really is
Will you help me find it


My poems are how you can tell
If I’m happy, ok or just in a living hell
Some might be confusing
May show me abusing
Myself in terrible ways
Those are the horrific days
When I write funny stuff
It isn’t a bluff
I truly love being joyful 
But for some reason, I love being hurtful
Towards my body and mind
On my thigh is where you’ll find
The knife rape
My very own escape
See my smile
I want to be around awhile 
It’s all just ups and downs
Grins and frowns
The next poem you read
You should be able to see what I need
A laugh, smile, hug, comfort or a friend
To you all, my love I send

I Don't Want Them To Know

What happens when you get caught
Everyone you’ve fought
Don’t want anyone to know
Any part of your show
Especially those deep, dark secrets
With those terrible regrets
If they find out about the real me
They’ll never be able to see
Me the same
I take all the blame
For my actions
Even though their satisfactions
I get in life 
When I use the knife

Ya, I Cut Last Night

I’m not proud to say that
But I just sat
In my depression 
And started a session
With the knife
I was hating life
So I needed an escape
The razor rape
My thigh
I knew why
I’m feeling alone
Even with my family at home
I’m different
I’m devil sent
Always fucking up shit
I can’t take a hit
So I shred
My thigh for the blood red
Adrenalin, no more mental pain
I get a physical gain
But it goes away
The last thing I’ll say
Is this
Happiness I miss

The Sun and Moon

As the day starts to fade
There is a different shade
Of blue
The sun shines through 
White fluff
The beauty is enough
Behind the mountains 
Of light rays
Finishing off all days
Moon now rising
It’s surprising 
The moon beam
Hitting every seam
Every tree
From what I can see
The days and nights
Go around the world like plane flights
Never ending
Never befriending 
As I listen to a tune
I think to myself, “I love the sun and moon”

Just A Normal Day

Let me be the first to say
I’m not alright, I’m not ok
There’s just somethin about today
I sit sadly and lay
In my thoughts
While my mind rots
She left me blind
Now I can’t find
Any peace of mind
The razor to my skin
“Where have you been?”
It’s been hiding under my bed
Time to get out of my head
You know how the rest goes
“Slice,” the blood flows
Nobody ever know
Hidden under my clothes
Are my scars
Shining like stars
Trapped in my room
It’s all gloom
I’ve got this unstoppable rage
Escaping my cage
From my brain
Becoming quite insane
Tears pour out like rain
Taking the razor to my main vein
“SLASH” The job is done
Hell has already come
But here’s the real doom
My parents entered the room

Just want to play
But it’s a rainy day
So I’ll write
Cause I can’t fly a kite
Rainy day blues
I know, I could watch Blues Clues
But, It’s not my favorite
I hate it when I just sit
This poem’s going nowhere
I feel like life’s not fair
I’m just whining 
Wish I was flying
Or dead


Want to be laid to rest
No friends are here
Death is no longer a fear
I am so sick of trying
I just want to be dying
Leave this depressing place
Win the race
Of who can die the fastest
I never have a chance with any girl
I just want to twirl
Her long, beautiful hair
Not have a care
In the world
Can anyone tell me
I know I’m shy
But don’t some girls like that
Fuck it, whatever
Shit’s too hard 
I can’t do it anymore          

Poetry and Music Set Me Free

Where would you be without music
All Metal and Rock is what I pick
Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth
I loose my breath
From their guitar shredding 
I wish to be heading
In that direction
I have so much affection
For my poetry
It free’s me
I want to write my whole life
Put forth a strife
For these beautiful
Writings that fill my soul
I do my best to make others days
Let them see my ways
Of life, how I perceive it
It’s how I get lit
Hope you guys have a good day or night
Time for me to sleep in the dark, no more bright light

To Blogger People

I’m intimidated by you critics
All of you in your own clicks
Question, where do I fit
I don’t know, I always complicate it
Always thinking in my mind
Who will find
My poetry
Then follow me
Tumblr is like a game
Whose got the most fame
I just want to get my poetry out there
And talk to the people who do care
My story is I’m mentally ill
I always want more blood spill
From my cuts, I want to kill
Myself, just for the thrill not to feel
Bi-polar, I’m completely fine
Sometimes I just get in self-pity and whine
Honestly, I’m doing great
I’ll wait to die till my death date
To anyone who reads
If any of you needs
A friend or someone to talk to
Well, I’m here for you


Sittin all alone
Just want to be home
Nothing fits
Being alone is the shits
I miss my friends
My heart sends
Love to everyone
But it’s dumb
I always get my heart
Shot with a dart
It hurts
Blood squirts 
Out of  my thigh
The reason why
I don’t like me
Heart trapped, not free
Just want comfort
Any sort
Someone cuddle
Free me of my rubble
Till that time or day
Sadness, that’s my way

I Want To Cut

Sitting alone in my room
Thoughts of doom
Need advice
It’d be nice
The blade makes me feel good
I really could

Come On Baby

I know life is tough
It’s rough
But be strong
You’re life has a beautiful song
Always be true to yourself
I’m here for you if you need help
Others ask for your opinion
Cause they have their dominions
They look up to you
They really do
So, don’t back down
And remember to be silly and act like a clown

The Love Mermaid

Baby, I’ll tell you a story
This story is beautiful, not gory
As we turn on our lamp light
Your face is in my sight
The story goes like this
Beauty, the sailor did miss
On the sea for so long
He’s no longer strong
Seeking love his whole life
Wants that perfect wife
But all he does is sail
Living on a boat that’s hell
One day, he sees a mermaid
She jumps on the boat and they played
“What is you name, mam?”
“Why thank you, it’s Sam!”
From there it was absolute bliss
Finally, they kiss
Explosions from their eyes
The sailor’s sadness dies
But the mermaid can never leave the sea
” I will never leave you be
I’m in love with you”
The sailor stays on his boat, they are the perfect two
Fishing the sea’s forever is what they’ll do
They’re like paper sticking together with glue
Sailing the sea’s, free from everyone
Having so much fun
She gives him a coral reef ring
Starts to sing
He sleeps to her lullaby
She says goodbye
Waking up from his sleep
He realizes it was love he couldn’t keep 

The Bug Got Him

Walking down the crooked hallway
This is real life, no play
There has been a mass killing
I’ve got a terrible feeling
Like a monster is watching me
My soul feels trapped, not free
Lights turn off out of nowhere 
This was a frightening scare
I hear a stampead
Try to see, but I don’t succeed 
A black figure approaches 
Covered in cockroaches 
It lights a candle
What I see, I can’t handle
A rotting corpse in bug form
Old ragged clothes that are torn
Black widows for eyes
All covered in cockroaches and flies
Speaking in tongues, commanded by Cain
It was the killer who created so much pain
I started to run
Made it outside where there was no sun
It wouldn’t come out
All it could do now, was shout
I grabbed the cops and went back
Everything and everyone was gone, except a sack
A letter was inside
“This is where the bodies hide
Only the one who escaped in the sun
Can enter, death to anyone else who come”
I went to the pin-pointed location
I got this weird sensation
I feel his thrill for the kill
So I start to do his will and make blood spill

Stupid Bitch

I can’t take this bullshit anymore
Die you ugly, fucking whore
Do you know you smell like the zoo
Eat the dog shit off my shoe
Burn on the cross you wretched witch
Shut your fucking mouth, bitch
Your cheeks are sunk
From sucking too much dick, you punk
I hope you and your family get hit by a truck
Just die cunt, fuck
No one wants you around
I’ll curb your teeth to the ground
None of your teeth can be found
Shut up bitch, don’t make a sound
Rip out you gnarled, scraggly hair
Shave it off, no one will care
You eat like a disgusting pig out of a troff
I want to rip that gross face off
Piss all over it
On your feet, take a shit
I would have lied
If I said someone would have cared if you died
Go get lost
Freeze to death in the frost
You’re so fucking crude
You ruin my mood
Leave planet earth
Cause you have no worth
You mother was slapped
When you were born, no one clapped
If you don’t get it by now
I’ll tell you how
No one will cry
So, die