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Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Little Bro

Yo, my little brothers name is Tim,
Honestly, I wish I could be just like him,
Mother fucker broke his back and still boards,
Screams like a banshee while others play the cords.

He has a beautiful girlfriend named Helena,
Tim is a straight up mack daddy playa,
He's doing everything I wish I could,
Doing his best in life, I wish I would.

Going to college so he can be someone,
You're doing great man, never feel dumb,
Skating and snowboarding, he just excels,
Before boarding, he just exhales.

Soon to be a chef cooking up meals,
He'll have dank food and bomb ass deals,
Rockstar, boarder, chef, and student, all I've wanted to be,
Ha Ha Ha, remember when we'd sword fight with our pee?

Tim, I look up to you so much,
Everyone loves you a bunch,
I hope I'll be a success like you someday,
I've also always got your back in anyway.

Keep up the good work, you're doing great,
Don't give up on your dreams, it's never too late,
I love you Tim, you're my little bro,
Do what your heart tells you and just go!

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