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Friday, November 5, 2010

Your Lies

If you took your own direction,
If only you practiced what you preached,
You wouldn't be giving this false affection,
You wouldn't have so many terrible guys leeched.

All you do is tell these made up lies,
In return you always get the wrong guys,
If you did what you told others,
You wouldn't have to hide under your covers.

But you won't stop your insane actions,
From this, your life is leaving you in fractions,
If you were honest, everything would be ok,
Still not stopping, you suffer every day.

From your mouth comes verbal venom
It effects every ending sum,
Hurting so many, it starts to wear,
No worries though, you don't even fucking care.

You lied to me, I hope you fucking rot,
I don't care if you get ran over and are caught,
Stop these painful words you give,
It's making me cut and not want to live.

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