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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ghost Writer

Who is this person writing in my journal while I sleep?
It's not me, I was counting sheep,
These writings are amazing, all of them I'll keep.

The pen flows by itself making beautiful rhymes,
I'd call the police, but these poems are no crimes,
This person, like I, has bright and dark times.

When I sleep, you just sneak on in,
Amazing writings you finish and begin,
I love your explanations of a tempting sin.

Every morning as I awake, there's a new one,
Whoever this is, they have tons of fun,
Drinking with others, all taking shots of rum.

Ghost writer of mine, can you write me some love?
Set me free from my cage like an untamed dove,
It will help me in life, I could use a little shove.

Your poetry inspires me to keep on writing,
Getting it down on paper is how I'm fighting,
When others read and smile, that's my liking.

Relating to your words, I put on a smile,
The way you put your words together is a beautiful style,
Ghost writer don't leave, won't you stay awhile?

I'm so excited for when I close my eyes,
One day I'll catch you writing sad poems, I'll hear your cry's,
Until then, keep writing about your lows and highs.

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