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Friday, April 8, 2011

Their Wings Are Gone

Angels of God
We need your help
The Devil is corrupting the earth
Fly from the skies
Down to land
Diminish all evil
Transport the hurt ones to the heavens
You have failed your master
Angels wings will be torn off their backs
Nails smashed into their palms
They didn't help
Here's the disaster
The world's gone wrong
Every person shall suffer
Demons come out tonight
Jump the angels
Turn them on their leader
Make God cry sorrowfully
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
We have their souls now
Taken away their pride
No more wings from heaven
It's all gone
Rip off their faces
All disgraces
Skeletons from heaven drop to hell
They will never return
Fucking die
Fucking cry
Blood pours out from their backs
We smile with an evil grin
All you who haven't had it
We will, WE WILL find you

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