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Friday, November 19, 2010

Lord Farus

To the hills! The Lord Dragon Farus is near,
He's going to burn the village, everyone, clear,
No time to save the herd, he is here!

Swooping down from the skies, Farus screams,
"I am here to take all your women teens,
Anyone in my way, I'll kill them by any means."

Everybody is hidden away in the wooded hills,
Farus is angry, he wants his women kills,
Tormenting others is how he gets his thrills.

Out of no where, a baby cry's in fear,
Farus fly's to them, from what he can hear,
Now he sees the sparkle from that babies tear.

"I've found you, now give them up!"
"No way you beast!" A little boy interrupts,
"You better leave beast, before I erupt."

Farus laughs, he sees one that he wants,
"Hey little boy, she's mine." Farus taunts,
"You're in for it now Farus!" The little boy flaunts.

Exploding in rage, the little boy grabs the dragon,
Grabbing him by his head, he shoots him like a cannon,
In the air, Farus is taken by a falcon.

Everyone cheered in relief, thanking the little boy,
"You're so very strong, how did you make Farus deploy?"
"Oh, Farus, it was easy, I just acted like he was a toy."

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