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Friday, November 12, 2010

Satan's Prince

So my son, you've made the choice to come to Hell,
I'm very proud of your actions, now exhale,
You are now working for me, better do it well.

What you get to do is go tempt others for me,
Whisper lies in their ears, you, they won't be able to see,
Tempting them till they make their choice, don't leave them be.

Your first victim will be John West,
He's going insane cause he can never get any rest,
One night he'll have someone over, tell him to kill his guest.

Well done my son, John's now in jail,
He's getting crazier as he sits in his cell,
Thinking about why he killed, suffering, he'll just dwell.

If you do this next task, you'll be the prince of my kingdom,
Get the U.S. to fight for their so called freedom,
Make them kill thousands at random.

"Breaking new, the U.S. is at war with Iraq,
Hundreds of thousands dead from the U.S. killing pack,
We burn the dead Iraqi's after we put them in their body sack."

Fantastic job, you now have defeat,
I now give you your own tempting street,
Make others work for you and bow at your feet.

"I am the prince, hey you, listen to my command,
You get to be the leader of my tempting band,
Listen up, get Robert Red to bury his baby in the sand."

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