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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Creep

Pulsating eyes bleed out yellow flames,
In his brain he gets these crazy games,
Who did this, nobody claims.

Shook up head from the intense noise,
Brain cells fighting, then destroys,
The king to them all so annoys.

Twitching legs, he wants to saw them apart,
Paint with his own blood, make some evil art,
This world of his, he can't restart.

Clenched jaw, biting his teeth together,
It's because off this cold cold weather,
His face is rough like dry leather.

Ravage fists just wanting to punch,
His back is gross with a terrible hunch,
When he walks his ankles crunch.

You woke him up from his sleep, he then arose,
He's angry, he'll grab you if you come close,
Cannibalism is his diagnose.

Just let him go back to sleep,
No one wants to see him, the creep,
He'll just grab you and pull you into the deep.

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