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Friday, January 14, 2011


People are always living in fear
If something hurts physically or emotionally
Scared it will ruin our lives
We hide under our blankets hoping for protection

Pain isn't so bad
It teaches us the lessons we need, most of the time
If we give it our full attention
Focusing on the present moment
We realize the present moment is all we have

If we look at it as just another emotion or feeling and not exaggerate it
It wouldn't hurt as much
Know it's there
But don't give it any power it doesn't need

Let us stop living in fear
Before we know it, death will be near
Just the the blink of an eye
Life has passed, we are stunned

Relax, it's all good
Nothing in life is too big for us to conquer
Stand tall, don't give up
Be fearless, full with power and might
Bod bless us all, sleep well tonight

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