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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music's Imagination

Hopping through the forest of Gala-lie,
Mr. J, how do I become free?
Free from the internal pain,
Pain of extraordinary confusion from my brain?

Listen to your music Kenny,
Free your brain, from so many,
It's your alter ego trying to fool you,
Of what's right and wrong,what to do?

Tripple vision of insane eyes,
Only two eyes show the other hides,
Third eye is Gods eyes watching your back,
He's there cause of your contract.

Live life like a rabbit in the head lights,
Everything that pushes you are your frights,
Watch out the train that's coming,
Actually Satan is arising.

Oh no, you picked the wrong path,
Now you get to deal with Satan's wrath,
You follow for a sec then say fuck it,
Run for days, you know Satan wants you and your shit.

Getting away you put on your head phones,
Led Zeppelin playing, you find stones,
Like when you were a little kid,
It was your hobby, getting dirty and rigid.

Left the dirt to go to the show,
Hearing all those rappers flow,
This music thing is doing me good,
Killing music, who the fuck would.

Capitol DOORS are very strong,
But I'm talking about The Doors band, you were wrong,
Free flowin loving life and animals,
The fire burns below with the coals.

Be grateful for you imagination,
It takes you to an amazing configuration,
Everything in life comes to one,
For me it's writing and I love to have fun!

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