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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where Am I?

It has a smell of a hint of pickles,
Some people in here give me the wiggles,
All around are different kinds of races,
Some beautiful and many ugly faces.

People acting like absolute fools,
Smoking Marlboro's, Camel's, and Kool's,
To sit on, there are mostly stools,
A lot of the people here are tools.

Fucking hard asses starring at me,
Because I'm alone writing for free,
If I get in a fight here, many will see,
All gocking, the men won't leave the women be.

There are a few t.v.'s on the wall,
Once in a while you'll see someone fall,
Many different items you can choose from,
Half of the time, hot women will come.

Sometimes there are pool tables in here,
A few of these nasty places I fear,
If you don't know where I am so far,
I'll tell you guys, it's a fucking bar.

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