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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving AA Marathon Meetings

12 A.M., Thanksgiving morning,
The spirit in this garage is soaring,
One thing we learned, freedom comes within,
Creating new results we'll now begin.

Our disease always lives within us,
Who is it that drives the bus?
Can't change the past, nor will we shut the door on it,
God kept us alive through all our shit.

We're so blessed to be in this warm garage,
Using drugs to take away the pain is a mirage,
Someone lost 30,000 dollars in 3 days,
Googled how to withdrawal from heroine the easiest ways.

Going to bed hoping not to wake up,
Snuggling with others is my pup,
Feeling shameful about hurting others,
Now we can love our moms, dads, sisters, and brothers.

Is it a test living on this earth?
Why do we punish our parents who gave us birth?
Through all the dark, we get to learn,
That our spirits are pure and will forever burn!

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