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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Thanksgiving, Thank You All

This Thanksgiving was an amazing experience,
I'm grateful for my friends, my alliance,
All these alcoholics sharing their experience, strength, and hope,
It helps us learn in life how we get to cope.

I'm full of happiness, joy, bliss, and love,
We all are now better beings living above,
Above our old selves, creating new lives,
In turn being ready for when God arrives.

I'm so grateful for my pup, snuggling up with others,
We are now becoming life explorers,
Living our new life to the fullest,
We realize how much we are blessed.

Why do we punish the ones who love us most?
Our parents who started out as our host,
They love us unconditionally with all their heart,
Hurting them, why, why, would I even start?

Hmmm... It just doesn't make sense,
I love them all, very dense,
I love you family, especially my mom,
Her love, why would I ever be gone?

I learned that all the answers to everything, it's within,
Starting in myself, I'll now begin,
I'll do my best for my family starting now,
Now I get to show them love, show them how.

I'm grateful for everything that's in my path,
It's my journey, it's what I hath,
Thank you for all the outstanding, breathe taking lessons,
I'm grateful for all of the rising suns.

I'm free write now and I feel great,
I still love my old mate,
She has so much bliss that overwhelms me,
She has a heart that has been set free.

You guys, I can't explain in words what you've done,
I know we all had tons and tons of fun,
Staying up till 6 AM for a meditation meeting,
I could feel in my heart, the beating.

God thank you for my friends, family, and everything in my road,
Filled with so much happiness I feel like I could explode,
Happy Thanksgiving, I love love love you all,
Now stay strong, push forward, and not fall.

It's all in your mind,
Happiness in life you shall find,
Love everyone that comes in sight,
Live life, put up a damn good fight.

I love every single one of you,
Everyone who reads I thank you, I do,
Have great Holidays that are coming,
Do your best, don't go running.

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