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Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm just writing to let it out
I just want to shout out loud
Nothing else helps me right now
I wish God would show me how
To save my dad from cancer
I just want an answer
Why is it happening to such a good man
Our family needs him
He has our plan
The blue print of how we stick together
Always working in the stormy weather
It just sucks
I've been hit by hundreds of trucks
Smashed my brain into pieces
Somebody come rescue me
I can't move
But I have something to prove
I can be there for my dad
Whether it be good or bad
I'm there
I swear
Nothing can compare
To my dad, It's just not fair
It's like a dull knife being shoved in my chest
Being shot without a bullet proof vest
Let this all work out for the best
I just need to get some rest
Please pray for my father
If you don't feel the need
Fuck you, don't even bother
Fuck this
Fuck it

Friday, January 28, 2011

Banana Sea

Bright yellow banana sailing off to sea,
Monkeys sad hanging from a lanky tree,
Sun rising slowly over the horizon,
White seagulls flying towards the orange sun.

On the banana ship is an old captain frog,
"Arrrg, we be needed to get out of this here misty fog,"
Sailors with their black sea hats,
No one except the captain chats.

The sea is a dark blue green,
It's starting to get mean,
Slamming against the banana, water gets in,
The banana's death is about to begin.

Scattering in fright, the sailors get scared,
Sink or swim? That's what they compared,
"We shall stand firmly with honor and fight!"
Getting as much water out with all their might.

Success! They saved the damn banana!
Getting back to shore, they see Hanna Montana,
Singing gracefully, the town cheers as they arrive,
The sun started setting around five,
There was a massive party that night,
All sleeping now, the last person turns out the light.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Father, I hope you know I respect you,
Let me know if there is anything I can do,
Our family is one of a kind,
A better dad I wouldn't find.

When I heard the news,
I wanted to be in your shoes,
Take away your aching pain,
Drive it away on the slow train.

Dad, I know we'll always be together,
I know you'll guide me through any rainy weather,
Everyone who has met you speaks of you highly,
Remember you'd draw on my fingernail? A smiley:).

I'm so glad you did scouts with all of us,
Sorry about how much I cuss,
Elk hunting on those frigid, freezing nights,
You always help me with my scary frights.

You have raised great sons and beautiful daughters,
You still have many glorious chapters,
Dad, I hope I'm just like you when I'm older,
Your spirit is like a rock solid boulder.

I know you'll be there on my wedding day,
Ha, you always give me way good pay,
Remember when Tim dropped that metal grate on your head?
Must have hurt, tears I would have shed.

No one on earth is like Jeffrey Neil Smith,
But this man is no myth,
He is real, he is my dad,
I've barely seen this man mad.

My dad has so much love for his family,
He would do anything so he could see,
My brothers and I play our sports,
Even stood by me when I went to the courts.

No one else is better than my father,
Mess with him, me you'll bother,
I'd do anything for this man,
Beat the cancer, I KNOW YOU CAN.

Your family loves you so so much,
You're always there for us, thanks a bunch,
Our family will be together forever,
Have I seen this man give up? NEVER.

Love you dad,

Monday, January 24, 2011


Why is there such hate in this world
Vengeful bombs
Family piercing bullets
Kills from thousands of miles away

I don't know what I'm saying
I can just feel the pain today
Cuts of hatred towards oneself
Gets me thinking
Why did I do it

Tangled up in side winding stairs of mass illusion
Confusing words for absorption
Where did it all end
Or did it just begin

Lost in a trance of romance
In bliss from her kiss
Snug from her hug
I cry
She lied
She hates me
Just acted for a few seconds of fame
I take the blame

Just thoughts erupting from above
I feel like this world needs a little love
I want to change this cruel world
But how

Prince Johnafan
Where are ya headed, Missouri
Why ya in such er hurry
Duuuh, can I help yer some
I promis I ain't dum
I jus lef my thinkin cap at yerlonders capinn

Well there good sir, what do we have for the winner
A trip all around the world
Choose any place
You get to drop the bomb
Just with the touch of your index finger

Bow to your leader
Yes master
What the fuck did you just say
Yes master
Off with his head

That's what this world has come to

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clean The World For Loving Us

Falling from the skies
I can see birds with my eyes
Down below is the city of Salt Lake
Beauty is the make

Who was it who created such magnificence
I smell the astonishing fragrance
Like little red roses
That we smell with our noses

This earth is an amazing gift
But we've ruined it quite a bit
Filled it with pollution
Lets figure out a solution

Lets all chip in
Use the rycling bin
Stop littering everywhere
All this trash so we won't have to stare

I love our planet earth
Really it is so worth
Cleaning it would be wonderful
She'd feel good and be beautiful

Come on people
Pick up that trash wrinkle
It's really not that hard
Stop making the world feel barred

Anyways I love you all
My favorite time is Fall
Lets all do our part
All it takes is one person to start

Have a freaking great day
This is the last thing I'll say
Love the world and your neighbor
It's all in your hearts galore

Thursday, January 20, 2011


MMMMMM Melissa
Your pretty hair shines in the sun
Running down the beach
Your having fun
Smile as big as Texas
Holding your hand is the bestest
Being by you is like opening a present
You are angel sent
I get all gitty thinking about you
To kiss you, I'd love to do
Eyes like shooting stars
Voice like beautiful acoustic guitars
I'll send my love your way
Under the pine trees we can play
Nothing about you makes me frown
It's cool how around me you can act like a clown
I respect you more than any man has
Lets go boogie to some jazz
Skin so soft like a babies face
In my heart, you've found a place
Ahh, it feels so good knowing
Knowing your in my arms, glowing
You've got my full attention
Oh, I forgot to mention
I've fallen in love with an amazing woman
You are that perfect person

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I like being in a trance of romance
Feeling like butterflies rising in the wind
We are free
Free to fly wherever we want
Lets go to Paris
Visit Jim's grave
See that tall tower, whatever it's called
Go to the sea and bathe
Rest on the beaches
Climb to the highest mountain on earth
We'll see what nature teaches

I want to get married under a tree
In the forest where everything is green
Snakes slither around curious
What are these things gathered
What is the reason they are crying happily
Is it some kind of weird joke
No you crazy snakes
It's love from one to another

Dancing under the sunlit stars
We combine our fingers like puzzle pieces that have so missed each other
Looking at each other, we smile
It's been awhile

I haven't felt this combination
Opening the lock over my heart
The romance did start

Filled with glee
I give her the ring
In awe
Loosing her breath
She says yes

When will you enter in my life
I love the feeling you give freely
But also well earned

Have I done the right
To dance with one in the moon light
Free from all other beings
Except the chirps of the crickets in love
I get these amazing thoughts and feelings
Enter me romance when I've done enough

I love you my soon to be babe
For you, if you want, I'll shave
Give you back tickles on command
Then write "I love you" in the sand


Monday, January 17, 2011

Rocket Science

Come on, write it down now!
Ok, ok

Rocket science is the so prolonged word
I've wanted this rocket science poem


For some reason I've wanted to start out every new poem I think of with rocket science
Ah shit!
I finally did it!

Rocket science filled with confusion
Get out of my head and stay on this paper
I know nothing about you

Creatures with ambiguous features
Skeleton in human sorrow
Let me free to flow

Sometimes I want to fly
Did you see him cry?
No, why does it matter?
Cause he's getting fatter

Just leave him be, ok
We'll help him get skinny another day
Lets launch him into space
He won't look so fat out there
Come on, out of despair
He needs it really bad

Launch off
He's in space
That's my rocket science


Tree's of ragged beauty start to grow
Started as a tiny bird seed
Fallen from the old wooden feeder
Watered by the rainstorms of Spring

A little sprout pops out of the moist ground
Like a baby being born
It grows with a smile in it's core

Getting older, it creates layers
It's core hides under each year
Older now, it doesn't look like the beauty it once had

People look at it in disgust
Thinking there's no use for the old tree
They are wrong

Then a baby comes by
Feels its true nature
Gives it a hug

The old tree cry's out of joy
Tears fall down to the roots
Sulking up a new life

The old tree gives the new life the shade it needs
The sun shines giving it light
A sprout shoots out of the ground
Starts developing with bliss

The old tree still smiling inside
Dies happily knowing there is still beauty underneath his ragged bark

The old tree falls down and gives the new tree more light
The cycle repeats itself

Friday, January 14, 2011


Fucking god dammit mother fucker
I hate it
I try to write something so inspiring but I can't
Forcing a poem just doesn't work
So I'm writing my frustrations
That's what I've got right now

My head is about to pop like a red balloon
Fists clenched ready to sock a fool
Grinding my teeth
Squeezing my toes
I pull out my hair like I use to to toy dolls

Fuck, I want to write something super happy
It's just not working
The frustration is driving me insane
Wicked thoughts run through my brain

Go stab someone in the throat
Rip out their eyes with your fingers
Kick them in the groin, really fucking hard
Hit them in the face with a shovel
Their face looks like a piece of meat


I really am biting down on my teeth so hard
My jaw is sore
Also, my neck creaks like an old rocking chair

I'm going fucking nuts
Someone come knock me out

I think I'll take a nap
Hopefully wake up with an amazing insight
Write it down
Share it with you guys
And get some kind of satisfaction



Clean Up

Her voice reminds me of fingers dragging down a chalk board
Face with so much makeup, it looks like a pig covered in mud
Body that jiggles like jello
Seeing her make me cringe
Hearing her squeal , I want to punch her in the teeth
Every word that comes out is a lie just yearning for attention
Who taught her manners? She has none
Eating with her mouth open reminds me of a fat elephant eating grass
Her smell is that of a stinky boy after gym class
Did I mention she has a beer belly?
Her legs look like rotten cottage cheese
Breath like a cat who just ate her own shit
A tiny mustache fills her upper lip
Her cackle sounds like a drunken walrus
Kankles so fat and ugly, I throw up a little in my mouth
Please, for your sake, freshen up
Maybe go run that jiggle off
And stop eating like a fig out of a troth
Love you, NOT


People are always living in fear
If something hurts physically or emotionally
Scared it will ruin our lives
We hide under our blankets hoping for protection

Pain isn't so bad
It teaches us the lessons we need, most of the time
If we give it our full attention
Focusing on the present moment
We realize the present moment is all we have

If we look at it as just another emotion or feeling and not exaggerate it
It wouldn't hurt as much
Know it's there
But don't give it any power it doesn't need

Let us stop living in fear
Before we know it, death will be near
Just the the blink of an eye
Life has passed, we are stunned

Relax, it's all good
Nothing in life is too big for us to conquer
Stand tall, don't give up
Be fearless, full with power and might
Bod bless us all, sleep well tonight

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Two Pigs

All I can see right now is fucking ugly people,
Blonde, balding, long, thinning hair,
Cratering pimple scars have invaded his face,
Fat pink shin, looking like a pig with a wretched smile,
You make me sick!
How can you give up on yourself?
Ended up looking like your red headed step mother beat the fuck out of you with a metal crowbar.

The woman he's with....
Faded maroon hair with an ugly black flower holding her tangles together,
Fake drawn on red eyebrows,
A nose like Mt. Everest,
You could ski down it.

I want to slam these two persons faces together,
Smash them up like play dough,
Mix their faces together and try to make something somewhat decent out of it,
Fix your fucking faces you dirty pigs!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jim's Death

Morrison Morrison, why did you go?
You gave the world such an amazing show,
When I read about how you passed,
While at worked my mind crashed.

I too know what it's like to pass away in the bath,
What it caused was a crazy aftermath,
Lying in blood, we both found a smile,
About your death, sometimes I'm in denial.

I wish I knew you personally,
Maybe it will happen after my fatality,
You were such a different person,
I relate knowing I'm not alone, feel comfort in the sun.

Will you please come visit me while I dream?
I know we'd win with you on my team,
We could accomplish so many things,
I feel comfort when he sings.

The blue bird whistles a sad song,
No one wanted to say goodbye, so long,
The reptiles shed a tear from loosing a friend,
But I know this is not the end.

If I get to meet you sometime,
We can exchange a rhyme,
I wish I could have been your pal,
Tonight I cry at the moon and howl.

You will never be forgotten,
I want to visit you in your coffin,
One day I'll fly out to Paris to visit,
Love ya Jim, a piece of my heart you fit.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lettin It Out

Can't figure out what to write about
But I want to get it out
Whatever it is, I want to share
I know that it's got to be rare

Fishing in my brain
With my heart vein
A beautiful red haired lady
Smooth and delicate, not shady

Weaving lines fly through
My eyes, colors green and blue
Shots of love sneak on in
She will win

My baby holds me tight
Red is in my sight
Hair in my eyes
I can't see the other guys

Where is this going
Nothing is showing
The neon light isn't glowing
Slam dunk by Patrick Uwing

Red red red red red
The head is dead in bed
Thoughts of evil creep
When she dies I'll weep

The one thing that kind of works in this writing
Is this red haired lady who is shining
Something about her hair has my attention
She's beautiful if I didn't mention

Sure beats the man on the moon
Who woke up at noon
He was drunk in the saloon
Getting high of helium in a balloon

Then she whacked him
His drink of choice, Gin
Throwing up the alcohol
It all the sudden was last call

No more of this fucking nonsense
I'll just light another incense
This music is intense
See you all later is my last sentence

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Love

Say it now!
What? You don't know what or how
The camera lens just shut
Upon the mountain of Zion
Beautiful birds be flyin
Dolphins jump, out of the sea
A huge monster with a terrible bump
Goes to land
Sits by a tree
How does he move with no legs
Duh, he does a little groove
So he can prove you can dance
To the beat of a fiddle
Ants swing with their partners
Watching you go in a trance
Under the birds wing you wanted fishing
In the sea there's a plunder
While a wicked rainstorm starts
Thunder comes out of the clouds
Millions of pounds
Rain goes in the buckets of empty hearts
Say it!
You love yourself as you are
Don't take shit near or far
From your body that's pure
There is a cure
It's love

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Levithian And Me

Riding on my horse born of thunder
His mane is solid black
Body with muscles that can tear your soul
Pure white eyes
He gives out the look of horror

Headed to Agathon to get back the sword of the Gods
My horse Levithian and I battle ogres to get to the city
Killings hundreds my sword is drenched in blood
Levithian blows smoke out his nose calming from his rage
We made it to Agathon together as one

Arriving to the gates
We are stopped by the city priest
"Do not go in, evil has taken over, you'll never make it out alive"
Pushing the priest aside, we go in with power surrounding our bodies
We see the light of the all mighty sword coming out of the castle

Slowly advancing to the moss covered stairs
We see one big, ravenous, bloodshot eye in the castle window
Pausing, we decided how we're going to act
Agreeing on staying together, we enter the wretched old castle
Getting a feeling of death, we become prepared

Then out of no where a bomb goes off and the two die
Because I don't feel like writing anymore right now

The End

Tempting Godess

You little tempting, devil goddess
I promise your beauty is countless
Where did you get those voluptuous brown eye's
Sexy as hell, you get all the guys

Your figure just drives me absolutely wild
Breath taking like a new born child
Honestly I can't explain how attractive you are
I hope I'm not under your standards bar

When I write about someone in my book
It's usually cause they make me second look
It was your seducing lips that got my attention
What I would do for a little affection

I know you already got a thing going on right now
I respect that, but I could really show you how
If you don't know what, use your imagination
I'll make you feel like a new creation

Well that's just a little of how I feel about you
I really hope this doesn't make you shoo
I'm guessing you read this joyfully
Someday our lips to touch together , hopefully

Angry Johnny

Johnny Howard is an angry young lad,
Beaten his whole life, he was truly sad,
Letting it out
in angry fits of rage,
Like a tortured tiger escaping from his cage.

While at recess, a bully starts to pick,
Which kids he will torment till they're sick,
He decides that it's little Johnny's time,
Throwing rocks at Johnny, he's done his crime.

Johnny cries, then his ferocious rage kicks in,
The bully has no idea what's about to begin,
Johnny grabs the bully's shirt, throws him to the ground,
Kicks him in the face till his eyes can't be found.

The bully cries, begging Johnny to stop kicking,
Johnny kicked him in the teeth, tells him to stop talking,
Eyes swollen shut, blood drips off his face,
drags him to the woods without a trace.

Reaching into his pocket, Johnny grabs a knife,
In a panic, Johnny takes the bully's life,
Johnny laughs, but then the truth is shown,
Feeling so guilty, he takes the life of his own.

The Surgeon

The razor sharp knife opens his skin,
Your teacher tells you how deep to cut,
Instantly blood comes from within,
The patient keeps his eyes wide shut.

He starts to groan, it's unbearable pain,
As you watch, your stomach churns,
Getting woozy, you slip and cut a main vein,
He's getting cold, but his cut burns.

In and out of consciousness, you go blank,
You fucked up, now it's time to pay,
Then your teacher tells you to grab the shank,
"You need to fix the other arm the right way.

Getting ready for the second surgery,
You try to wash your hands clean,
But blood keeps appearing, won't leave you be,
Looking at your own arms, you did something you didn't mean.

Realizing you were doing surgery on your arms,
You scream, start to feel sick in your head,
Last thing you hear is the faint sound of alarms,
Open your eyes, you're a soul, you body is dead.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Let Us Be Like The Children

Is everybody in?
Is everybody in?
Is everybody in?
The ceremony is about to begin.

Had to use that sentence from Jim
It makes me open up my mind to the possibilities
Of pure imagination
Running through my brain like white blood cells

The wind blows softly
A warm August night
Children in the streets
Running free as if nothing matters

When was it that we started to worry
Live in fear
Of the past, present, and future
Let us be like the untouched children

We all act like everything is fine
When really we are screaming in our mind
None of us just let it be
It's just how it is I guess

Playing swords in the forest
4 boys imagine the impossible
Looking for the fire breathing dragon
This is all they focus on

Bills, relationships, work
This is what we focus on
Isn't it so fun
Being grown up and close minded

Loving everything in sight
There is no evil in their lives
Sleeping under the stars
Wishing upon shooting stars that brighten the sky

What brightens our lives
The t.v. screen
I just think it's sad
We have become slaves

Let us learn how to be free again
This life goes by quick
Why take it so serious
Did you have a good world before you died?

There's Always Light

The sulking storm cry's
Sad because the sun has left him for the cold
"Why did you leave? You are my warmth, my love."

His heart pounds slowly
Painful shocks run throughout his body
Weeps of pain and sadness run out.

Is there anything that can cure his depression?
Just then, there is a beautiful white light over the mountains.

"What is this?!"
He gets a tiny smile, a little grin
The moon passes over the mountain
Full and bright.

The moon asks, "Why are you crying my friend?
Everything is ok
There is light."

The storm realizes everything is fine
Warmth and love comes and goes
There is always hope and light.

The storm stops crying
The sun rises
Now, a beautiful vivid blue sky.

There's always warmth and cold
But light is always there
Just in different forms.