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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Dissipater

Raw, shi, raw, shi, raw, shi, raw,
Cling, clank, crack, cling, clank, crack,
The Dissipater, you just heard and saw,
You better not turn your back.

She'll grab you by the hair on your head,
Pull you esophogus out of your throat,
Torture you, but won't let you be dead,
Her sign is the possesed goat.

Screaming in pain, you just hear her laugh,
"Please let me go, I have a family that needs me,"
"Shut the fuck up you little punk." She slams you with her staff,
Knocked out, ties you to a bed, won't leave you be.

Sticking needles in you, you start to cry,
Puts a block between your ankles and crushes them in,
"Ahhhh! You Bitch!" "I love it when you sigh."
Slitting open your stomache slowly, you then do the worst sin.

You take her knife, "I'm fucking done!"
You cut your throat open, start to die,
Your last words, "Bitch you don't get to have any more fun."
Open your eyes, It's just a dream, "That dream you had, I don't know why."

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