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Monday, November 1, 2010

Micheal Myers

Haunting every victim that he greets,
His old ragged house is where he meets,
Halloween is his killing night,
He'll find you, you're always in his sight.

Run as fast as you can down the stairs,
Scared as hell, what's standing? Your arm hairs,
Run to the kitchen, he's right behind you!
Stabbing you with his butchers knife is what he'll do.

You got out of the house to get away,
But this is not the finish of his play,
You go to the police station, praying someone's there,
As you walk in, there is fresh blood everywhere.

Micheal obviously got there first,
Your time to die, Micheal's kills are the worst,
Running to the basement cause there's nowhere else to go,
Made the wrong move, damn does that blow.

Sitting in the dark, you hope your not found,
All you can do is hold your breath and hope he's not around,
Look to the left, look to the right, you see his knife,
You scream! Now Micheal wants your life.

He grabs you by the neck, slams you against the wall,
Cuts your Achilles tendons so you have to crawl,
Stabs you numerous times in the back and heart,
Next victim, it's his time to start.

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