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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writing Poems

Writing feels so good
I know I should
Be asleep
But I want to keep

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Friend Is Gone

Another friend just committed suicide
My mind is putting me through a crazy ride
I just want death to stop
But it'll never drop

Others and I will miss you 
Now you're gone and out of the blue
It's ok, I understand
I just wish you would have put out your hand

Just know you are loved still
I'll miss you, I really will
Such a beauty 
Such a cutie

Rest in peace my friend
I know I'll see you before the end
I know you're in a better place
I'll miss your face

The Coffin Shuts

Lying in a wooden box
Six feet under with dirt and rocks
A mother sits and cries
With his new pair of wings he flies 
Looking back down to earth
At his mother who gave him birth
Wish he wouldn’t be a part of the cutters
But it happened fast
It was the last
Time he would cut
After the funeral his casket shut
That was the end
Goodbye my friend

Their Wings Are Gone

Angels of God
We need your help
The Devil is corrupting the earth
Fly from the skies
Down to land
Diminish all evil
Transport the hurt ones to the heavens
You have failed your master
Angels wings will be torn off their backs
Nails smashed into their palms
They didn't help
Here's the disaster
The world's gone wrong
Every person shall suffer
Demons come out tonight
Jump the angels
Turn them on their leader
Make God cry sorrowfully
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
We have their souls now
Taken away their pride
No more wings from heaven
It's all gone
Rip off their faces
All disgraces
Skeletons from heaven drop to hell
They will never return
Fucking die
Fucking cry
Blood pours out from their backs
We smile with an evil grin
All you who haven't had it
We will, WE WILL find you

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sometimes Sleep Is Hard To Find

Can't sleep
Just think
Why, why

Shut up mind
Need to rest
So I don't cry

I close my eyes
Head keeps racing
Frustration created

Body aching terribly
Stomach hungry, rumbling
Too concentrated

Mystical sounds creep in
I like this
Kind of relaxing now

Eyes blinking
Deep breathing
Hit by a comfort plow

Getting sleepy
I think it will happen
Will I finally sleep

Eye's completely closed
Mind has slowed
Not one peep

Dreaming of a good life
Reached my goals
Smile on my face

Sleep is important
Sometimes it takes a while
Like a long race

Monday, April 4, 2011

Raven's Death

Ravens scream
Sheer sight of terror
Death of a friend
No, this isn't happening
Feelings of sorrow
Cries of pain
Blood and guts everywhere
A loved one lost his mind
No peace is found
Now, no sound

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kill Me

Reaching out to the stars
Just want to be by myself on Mars
Nobody gets me completely
No one can see exactly how I see
Leave me alone
Don't call my phone
Love is gone and out the door
I can never score
Always show my heart
Always gets hurt with a hot dart
Love for me never comes, just goes
Life really blows
Blows up in my face
Soon to be gone without a trace
What I'd give to be like you
Everything, plus two
So take me out
Don't know what this life's about
So I'll put my head in the sky
Can't wait till the day I die
Till that day
This is what I'll say
Fuck my life and fuck you
Suicide will be my solution that I'll soon do

The Unknown

Some friends can no longer be found
Chased their day
Day of death
Reaping sadness
Fearing the unknown
Millions have come and gone
For me, not too long
The wind is calling my name
Blowing out my flame
To those who have passed
Much love is sent your way


It's just one day
Everyone will care if you die
I promise
Life is tough
But you're tougher
Just listen to your music
It makes you feel better
Nothing can stop you
Except you

Friday, April 1, 2011


Riding on a street to nowhere 
The road is winding
On a clear summers day
Tranquility enters my mind
The RPM's are running high
No one's in my path
Wind blowing through my hair
A constant yearning to go faster
Revving my engine
Speeding up
45 degree turns
Chills run down my spine
Feeling so good
I go faster and faster
Nothing can catch me now