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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Writer

Writing in a trance like a walking zombie,
My zombie's name is Robbie,
Who here knows the it,
If you do, you're full of shit.

When I say it, I'm meaning everything,
It includes birds that sing,
Who is the fellow sitting next to you?
Do you know what he's going to do?

All is one, we are the one,
It combines us all even when we're done,
Please remember your lovers,
Till you see them next, lay in your covers.

In bliss of all that is,
You accept it as your biz,
Can't we all get along,
"Come together right now over me" that song.

I'm just letting it out,
It's night time so I can't shout,
Feeling so happy today
I found out I love myself in every single way.

Let me keep writing,
Lately with writing, I've been slacking,
When will my time be
Not just me but we.

My mother just bitched at me for taking her white blanket,
She'll come down again to ask me, but I'll fake it,
Act like I'm asleep,
Won't even open my eyes a peep.

Well guys I really am going to go to sleep,
Maybe I'll see David Besley in his red jeep,
Thank you to all who read my poetry,
It means so so much to me.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Thanksgiving, Thank You All

This Thanksgiving was an amazing experience,
I'm grateful for my friends, my alliance,
All these alcoholics sharing their experience, strength, and hope,
It helps us learn in life how we get to cope.

I'm full of happiness, joy, bliss, and love,
We all are now better beings living above,
Above our old selves, creating new lives,
In turn being ready for when God arrives.

I'm so grateful for my pup, snuggling up with others,
We are now becoming life explorers,
Living our new life to the fullest,
We realize how much we are blessed.

Why do we punish the ones who love us most?
Our parents who started out as our host,
They love us unconditionally with all their heart,
Hurting them, why, why, would I even start?

Hmmm... It just doesn't make sense,
I love them all, very dense,
I love you family, especially my mom,
Her love, why would I ever be gone?

I learned that all the answers to everything, it's within,
Starting in myself, I'll now begin,
I'll do my best for my family starting now,
Now I get to show them love, show them how.

I'm grateful for everything that's in my path,
It's my journey, it's what I hath,
Thank you for all the outstanding, breathe taking lessons,
I'm grateful for all of the rising suns.

I'm free write now and I feel great,
I still love my old mate,
She has so much bliss that overwhelms me,
She has a heart that has been set free.

You guys, I can't explain in words what you've done,
I know we all had tons and tons of fun,
Staying up till 6 AM for a meditation meeting,
I could feel in my heart, the beating.

God thank you for my friends, family, and everything in my road,
Filled with so much happiness I feel like I could explode,
Happy Thanksgiving, I love love love you all,
Now stay strong, push forward, and not fall.

It's all in your mind,
Happiness in life you shall find,
Love everyone that comes in sight,
Live life, put up a damn good fight.

I love every single one of you,
Everyone who reads I thank you, I do,
Have great Holidays that are coming,
Do your best, don't go running.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving AA Marathon Meetings

12 A.M., Thanksgiving morning,
The spirit in this garage is soaring,
One thing we learned, freedom comes within,
Creating new results we'll now begin.

Our disease always lives within us,
Who is it that drives the bus?
Can't change the past, nor will we shut the door on it,
God kept us alive through all our shit.

We're so blessed to be in this warm garage,
Using drugs to take away the pain is a mirage,
Someone lost 30,000 dollars in 3 days,
Googled how to withdrawal from heroine the easiest ways.

Going to bed hoping not to wake up,
Snuggling with others is my pup,
Feeling shameful about hurting others,
Now we can love our moms, dads, sisters, and brothers.

Is it a test living on this earth?
Why do we punish our parents who gave us birth?
Through all the dark, we get to learn,
That our spirits are pure and will forever burn!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pennywise The Clown

Thinking thinking thinking,
Just sitting blinking,
What words am I going to put down?
Oh shit, I just saw a clown!

His name is Pennywise,
Always has a surprise,
"Beep beep Richie,
Come here little bitchy."

Causing havoc in any neighborhood,
Nobody understood,
Why he does his evil plans,
This guy has no fans.

"Hey Georgie boy!
Come down here and get your toy!"
Georgie goes down to the sewer,
Pennywise grabs him, there's one fewer.

That evil smile makes me sick,
Any child he'll pick,
"Don't you want a balloon?"
He has a powerful tune.

Pennywise scares me, a lot,
With this silver I only have one shot,
Got to shoot him in the head,
Otherwise he won't be dead.

Shit! I missed,
Now Pennywise is pissed,
Opening up his mouth wide,
He swallows me inside.

Stuck in his belly forever,
Happy in here? Never,
Just get to wait for the next kid to try,
To shoot him in the face and make him die...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bi-Polar In This Moment

Blood spills as the wound opens
No one gets it, no one
The addiction goes as followed

1. Open the box of razors
2. Get the balls to do it
3. Take the razor to the skin
4. Think of what it'll do to everyone
5. Cut your skin over and over your cuts
6. Watch the blood ooze out
7. Feel comfort, knowing you control it
8. Feel paranoid
9. Clean your cuts, bandage them up
10. Wear clothing that covers up the cuts
11. Feel shame knowing you're hurting your friends and family
12. Saying you'll never do it again
13. Next day, start the cycle over

Well I'm just writing to tell you that everything's not ok,
Lately I've been thinking about suicide a lot,
Is it worth it, really, both sides
Living or dying
Sit in my room all day
Telling everyone I'm ok
But I'm not
Filled with anger and rage
I want to stab someones face in, maybe my own
Killing me slowly is what's happening
I'm not taking care of myself
I'm only living cause I don't want my family to suffer
I'd be gone if it weren't for them
So there it is, I'm just letting it out
Will I be alive tomorrow
Most likely yes
But one day, one day, I'll be dead
Till then, I'll just be in my self pity
Think about different ways to kill myself
And hate every minute I live

Pretty sure know one knows me
Not even me

One day I hope I have joy in my life
But I'll get nowhere while I sit and wallow
So maybe I need to man up and swallow
Swallow my misery and get hungry to live life
I'm ok but I'm not
I've only got one shot
To live my life
I really want a loving wife
Who loves me for me
I'll ask her to marry me under a tree

Ahh, feeling a little better already
I just need to take it steady
Maybe you understand my bi-polar now
It changes rapidly and I don't know how
Please put me in your prayers
I want to live, just not in pain
I know everyone really cares
To again take Gods name in vein
I won't, Kenny you're strong
Don't do the wrong
Of killing yourself
Suicide, even if it's inside my mind
Pray, pray, pray
Everything will pass and be ok
Smile, your worth it Kenny

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Blood runs out of these cuts,
The knife I used now shuts,
Cutting to get away from my emotional state,
Is cutting myself my very own fate?

Blood drips down to the bathroom floor,
Knife 1, Kenny 0 is the score,
2 inches, every single one on my wrists,
More blood comes out when I squeeze my fists.

In a depression over the beautiful one,
All I see is darkness, there is no sun
Aches in my body cause my heart is broken,
In my ear, the tempting devil has spoken.

Can't stop, I just keep on cutting,
This addiction of mine is so cunning,
Will I still live after this next cut?
I'm getting a woozy feeling over my body and in my gut.

Starting to loose control, I fall to the ground,
Loss of hearing, there is no sound,
My cuts run deep inside my skin,
Self-mutilation is my number one sin.

I've gone out cold, there's no stopping death now,
My light's gone out, look at me, I showed you how,
Death's messenger comes and puts his arm around my shoulder,
My name is now in the committed suicide folder.


Caught my lady cheating,
My heart stops beating,
With another white man,
His name is Dan.

"Go away you fuck,"
Man does this suck,
Three years wasted,
This bitch I dated.

Why did it happen?
Wasn't I her captain?
Did I do wrong?
Sing a sad song.

Can't figure it out,
What was this about?
My heart aches inside,
My room I'll hide.

It's been 1 year,
Still shed a tear,
I lost my dear,
Still live in fear.


So, I got something going on in my head,
IT's the answer to everything that exists,
I get so close to the answer, then I go brain dead,
IT might be time, why everyone looks at their wrists.

One time I almost caught IT,
I was so close to being at the right place at the right time,
IT's such a large answer, I can only comprehend a little bit,
When I figure IT out, there will be an explosion like a land mine.

This "IT," is so unique in it's own way,
IT tricks me, gets me thinking differently,
IT deals with infinity and the end of day,
I think God doesn't want me to figure IT out mentally.

If I were able to figure IT out,
I'd have the answers to everything,
Know what the world is all about,
I'd rule the world and I'd be king.

I've almost had IT over a hundred times,
Then every single time I just go blank,
It's way harder then figuring out those confusing mimes,
I don't even really know the question, it's #1 rank.

IT, I'll understand you before the end,
Everything and more in one is only half of you,
God, let IT open up and transcend,
IT, you're IT, I'm going to watch what you do.

My Little Bro

Yo, my little brothers name is Tim,
Honestly, I wish I could be just like him,
Mother fucker broke his back and still boards,
Screams like a banshee while others play the cords.

He has a beautiful girlfriend named Helena,
Tim is a straight up mack daddy playa,
He's doing everything I wish I could,
Doing his best in life, I wish I would.

Going to college so he can be someone,
You're doing great man, never feel dumb,
Skating and snowboarding, he just excels,
Before boarding, he just exhales.

Soon to be a chef cooking up meals,
He'll have dank food and bomb ass deals,
Rockstar, boarder, chef, and student, all I've wanted to be,
Ha Ha Ha, remember when we'd sword fight with our pee?

Tim, I look up to you so much,
Everyone loves you a bunch,
I hope I'll be a success like you someday,
I've also always got your back in anyway.

Keep up the good work, you're doing great,
Don't give up on your dreams, it's never too late,
I love you Tim, you're my little bro,
Do what your heart tells you and just go!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Can You Guess?

Da do dut, do da do da do,
Can you guess what I am, I'll give you one clue,
"Tangled Up In Blue"

Still don't know, is still a little shady?
A part of it was in the year 1980,
Clue 2: "Sentimental Lady."

Ha ha ha, you have no idea what I say,
Well it's not a skit or a play,
Clue 3: "Thoughts On A Rainy Day."

Ok ok ok, back to the start,
Magnificent sound is a big part,
Clue 4: "Affairs Of The Heart."

This one is on the mountain side,
Better get behind a large tree and hide,
Clue 5: there's a ginormous "Landslide."

Running out of the forest are a bunch of deer,
But you're not by, so don't fear,
Clue 6: I don't "Wish You Were Here."

From his voice you hear his cry's,
Listening to it gives me the best highs,
Clue 7: Girl, I love your "Brown Eyes."

Well, if you didn't get it, it's a song,
I love all music, either short or long,
Lets all listen closely and get along.

Lord Farus

To the hills! The Lord Dragon Farus is near,
He's going to burn the village, everyone, clear,
No time to save the herd, he is here!

Swooping down from the skies, Farus screams,
"I am here to take all your women teens,
Anyone in my way, I'll kill them by any means."

Everybody is hidden away in the wooded hills,
Farus is angry, he wants his women kills,
Tormenting others is how he gets his thrills.

Out of no where, a baby cry's in fear,
Farus fly's to them, from what he can hear,
Now he sees the sparkle from that babies tear.

"I've found you, now give them up!"
"No way you beast!" A little boy interrupts,
"You better leave beast, before I erupt."

Farus laughs, he sees one that he wants,
"Hey little boy, she's mine." Farus taunts,
"You're in for it now Farus!" The little boy flaunts.

Exploding in rage, the little boy grabs the dragon,
Grabbing him by his head, he shoots him like a cannon,
In the air, Farus is taken by a falcon.

Everyone cheered in relief, thanking the little boy,
"You're so very strong, how did you make Farus deploy?"
"Oh, Farus, it was easy, I just acted like he was a toy."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bank Robbers

I had a good day and went to work,
After work I went to see my clerk,
What he said made him a jerk.

Kenny, you're not spending your money wise,
In my head I said fuck you, and rolled my eyes,
Now another upgrade for me, he trys.

Nice try man, you're out of whack,
I just wanted to get some money back,
You guys drove me to far, I reached into my sack.

I have a gun, what's up now?
Everyone on your knees while I plow,
Plow through the bank gettin money, can't show you how.

Ya I couldn't take it anymore so I'm robbing a bank,
One man got in my way, drowned him in the fish tank,
You next, my gun I then crank.

Plow! Got that bitch in the head,
Obviously she's dead,
Now forever she'll lye in her death bed.

Shit! The cops are here,
Guys, I'm in a lot of fear,
Time for one last beer.

It's going to be a shoot off, 3 on 11,
We'll all be going to hell not heaven,
It's 4 pm and we've been here since 7.

Time to run, get out of town,
To the garage slowly going down,
We see the police and frown.

This is our chance boys, pull out your guns,
They all had shotgun kind of ones,
They all start to run.

Pow Pow Pow, shots are going off crazy,
Bill got shot in the leg and is hazy,
Get the fuck out of here Daisy!

Me and Daisy run for the car,
Behind us the police weren't far,
We could see his shinny badge star.

They shot a rocket launcher at us,
We exploded over a bus,
Upside down in pain, we cus.

You've been caught you thieves,
Jail is what you two sees,
Try to be happy, cause that's where you're gunna be's.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Little One

Dripping rain drops fall through my face,
I don't fit in, I'm not in the right place,
They treat me like I'm an inconvenience,
At least that's my experience.

When I was young I was very confused,
I felt like all my friends i loosed,
So shy, it was hard making new friends,
I felt like my friends never made it to my ends.

He's funnier, she's smarter, they're rich,
With no self-confidence,all I am is a little bitch,
Always one of the last to be picked,
I'd get super upset and ticked.

"Why won't anyone call me mommy?"
They all make fun of how I dress, I'm not pretty,
Will I ever be able to fit in?
Talking to cute girls, don't even begin.

I played so many sports so I could feel that I belong,
Never spoke up in math class, always thinking I was wrong,
Sat by myself at lunch so I would have to talk,
Back to home, alone I walk.

To all you jerks who hurt my feelings,
I hope you're disgusted with your kids beings,
I curse them with the disability to not talk to others,
And have hatred towards their sisters and brothers.

I have been greatly affected by not fitting in with the crowd,
Most of the time, I sit in my room, write and listen to music loud,
I still always feel alone even if I'm with someone,
Just leave me alone ok, I'm done, you're all dumb.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Satan's Prince

So my son, you've made the choice to come to Hell,
I'm very proud of your actions, now exhale,
You are now working for me, better do it well.

What you get to do is go tempt others for me,
Whisper lies in their ears, you, they won't be able to see,
Tempting them till they make their choice, don't leave them be.

Your first victim will be John West,
He's going insane cause he can never get any rest,
One night he'll have someone over, tell him to kill his guest.

Well done my son, John's now in jail,
He's getting crazier as he sits in his cell,
Thinking about why he killed, suffering, he'll just dwell.

If you do this next task, you'll be the prince of my kingdom,
Get the U.S. to fight for their so called freedom,
Make them kill thousands at random.

"Breaking new, the U.S. is at war with Iraq,
Hundreds of thousands dead from the U.S. killing pack,
We burn the dead Iraqi's after we put them in their body sack."

Fantastic job, you now have defeat,
I now give you your own tempting street,
Make others work for you and bow at your feet.

"I am the prince, hey you, listen to my command,
You get to be the leader of my tempting band,
Listen up, get Robert Red to bury his baby in the sand."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ghost Writer

Who is this person writing in my journal while I sleep?
It's not me, I was counting sheep,
These writings are amazing, all of them I'll keep.

The pen flows by itself making beautiful rhymes,
I'd call the police, but these poems are no crimes,
This person, like I, has bright and dark times.

When I sleep, you just sneak on in,
Amazing writings you finish and begin,
I love your explanations of a tempting sin.

Every morning as I awake, there's a new one,
Whoever this is, they have tons of fun,
Drinking with others, all taking shots of rum.

Ghost writer of mine, can you write me some love?
Set me free from my cage like an untamed dove,
It will help me in life, I could use a little shove.

Your poetry inspires me to keep on writing,
Getting it down on paper is how I'm fighting,
When others read and smile, that's my liking.

Relating to your words, I put on a smile,
The way you put your words together is a beautiful style,
Ghost writer don't leave, won't you stay awhile?

I'm so excited for when I close my eyes,
One day I'll catch you writing sad poems, I'll hear your cry's,
Until then, keep writing about your lows and highs.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music's Imagination

Hopping through the forest of Gala-lie,
Mr. J, how do I become free?
Free from the internal pain,
Pain of extraordinary confusion from my brain?

Listen to your music Kenny,
Free your brain, from so many,
It's your alter ego trying to fool you,
Of what's right and wrong,what to do?

Tripple vision of insane eyes,
Only two eyes show the other hides,
Third eye is Gods eyes watching your back,
He's there cause of your contract.

Live life like a rabbit in the head lights,
Everything that pushes you are your frights,
Watch out the train that's coming,
Actually Satan is arising.

Oh no, you picked the wrong path,
Now you get to deal with Satan's wrath,
You follow for a sec then say fuck it,
Run for days, you know Satan wants you and your shit.

Getting away you put on your head phones,
Led Zeppelin playing, you find stones,
Like when you were a little kid,
It was your hobby, getting dirty and rigid.

Left the dirt to go to the show,
Hearing all those rappers flow,
This music thing is doing me good,
Killing music, who the fuck would.

Capitol DOORS are very strong,
But I'm talking about The Doors band, you were wrong,
Free flowin loving life and animals,
The fire burns below with the coals.

Be grateful for you imagination,
It takes you to an amazing configuration,
Everything in life comes to one,
For me it's writing and I love to have fun!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Recovery In Sobriety

My recovery has taught me to a new way of life,
I've got to say it's amazing in every way,
Learned that I'm not a piece of shit,
Recovery is also teaching me, I don't have to cut with a knife.

There's been times when I've been rocketed into a 4th dimension,
Realized how much my higher power is doing for me,
I told my sponsor all of my secrets that ate me inside,
One of my biggest character defects is seeking attention.

Today, I can see the love my family gives to me,
I can show them love back, let them know I care,
Take care of responsibilities that I couldn't do before,
Have choices today that I respect and live by in life.

Working on my 9th step, which has re leaved me of pain,
The 4th and 5th step showed me how crazy I was,
This disease is patient, it hurts so many, it really does,
The whisper in your ear telling you to use, it's the voice of Cain.

On Thursday nights I go to a fire meeting,
I feel the spirit so strong, it's overwhelming,
Angels have been sent and saved me from Hell,
It's you guys and I that I'm no longer cheating.

When you read this poem, know all is well,
It's always been well, if not, it's how you perceive,
Please be careful with your actions and where you go,
Do your best, believe in yourself and you won't go to Hell.

The Dissipater

Raw, shi, raw, shi, raw, shi, raw,
Cling, clank, crack, cling, clank, crack,
The Dissipater, you just heard and saw,
You better not turn your back.

She'll grab you by the hair on your head,
Pull you esophogus out of your throat,
Torture you, but won't let you be dead,
Her sign is the possesed goat.

Screaming in pain, you just hear her laugh,
"Please let me go, I have a family that needs me,"
"Shut the fuck up you little punk." She slams you with her staff,
Knocked out, ties you to a bed, won't leave you be.

Sticking needles in you, you start to cry,
Puts a block between your ankles and crushes them in,
"Ahhhh! You Bitch!" "I love it when you sigh."
Slitting open your stomache slowly, you then do the worst sin.

You take her knife, "I'm fucking done!"
You cut your throat open, start to die,
Your last words, "Bitch you don't get to have any more fun."
Open your eyes, It's just a dream, "That dream you had, I don't know why."

Peace In Chaos

There's a smile on my face today,
Suffering through hardships is how I get to pay,
Pay others with my experience, able to help them out,
"I've been there too bud, I know what it's all about."

Helping others puts me in a state of bliss,
When I'm happy, sadness i don't miss,
Depression puts me in the darkest hole alive,
Sitting in comfort, also pain, living I don't thrive.

Fought 8 doctors for 15 minutes in rage,
Got tied to the bed, trapped in a cage,
Heart beating 100 miles per hour,
Passed out, woke up in a psyche ward, I was sour.

I helped someone out the other day,
He was in a depression, this is what I did say,
"Pray, meditate, write, slow down, I know how it feels,
Get back on your horse, soon life will give you better deals."

I feel there's peace in chaos absolutely,
Sharing my chaos could help someone flee,
Flee from their chaos, in return getting peace of mind,
Life's a journey, hopefully soon, peace I will find.

Your Lies

If you took your own direction,
If only you practiced what you preached,
You wouldn't be giving this false affection,
You wouldn't have so many terrible guys leeched.

All you do is tell these made up lies,
In return you always get the wrong guys,
If you did what you told others,
You wouldn't have to hide under your covers.

But you won't stop your insane actions,
From this, your life is leaving you in fractions,
If you were honest, everything would be ok,
Still not stopping, you suffer every day.

From your mouth comes verbal venom
It effects every ending sum,
Hurting so many, it starts to wear,
No worries though, you don't even fucking care.

You lied to me, I hope you fucking rot,
I don't care if you get ran over and are caught,
Stop these painful words you give,
It's making me cut and not want to live.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Tattoos

6 tattoos on the body,
I just figured out I'm a hottie,
People ask to see,
I take my shirt off and they see me physically,
One the families last name,
This is real shit, no game,
Second, the Led Zeppelin Angel,
Always has my back, won't go to hell,
Third is my tribal,
Stand strong, never fall,
Fourth Judas Priest evil Angel,
Death upon us all is his sell,
Fifth, Tangled Up In Blue,
This one's for suicide, what I did do,
Sixth, my wolves,
Got it done Thursday, that was great,
Paid with those green dollar cloves,
All my tattoos have meanings, they're not fake.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To A Fabulous Friend

This woman is an amazing one,
For me, she's always been there,
Ever since junior high we've had so much fun,
It rocked when she had dreads in her hair.

Kallie is such a sweet heart,
The love she gives to me is unbelievable,
Very wise, very smart,
Kallie, nothing in life is unachievable.

Kallie, you are one of the truest friends I've ever had,
You've been there for me through hard times,
You have an amazing body, nothing about it is bad,
Wrongs you've done, they're no crimes.

This is from my heart when I say this,
You're an amazing, lovable person,
Can I do anything for you mis,
I'll be by your side when life does worsen.

Baby, you're beautiful,
Body of a goddess,
Remember to be careful,
Not to be inappropriate, I'd love to see you topless.

Kallie, honestly you bring joy in my life,
Don't listen to others negativity towards you
I know one day you'll be a loving mother and wife,
Live your life to the fullest, don't live in blue.

Anyways, just wanted to write to tell you I love ya,
Call me whenever you feel like it,
If someone's mean, fuck um, their lost huh,
Don't follow others, do your own shit.

From your friend who will always care,
You're absolutely breath taking,
Between you and me it's confidential, I'd never share,
I love you as a best friend, I'm not faking.

Kallie, you've been an amazing friend and I thank you for that,
Just so you know, I will always have your back,
Keep pushing forward and you will win,
Love ya tons babe, hope this poem isn't a sin.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Friend Chief Indian

So I know this kid, Chief Indian,
He loves walking Ace the dog in the canyon,
Has no crazy feathers in his hair,
With this kid, anything I could share.

For his first time eating mushrooms, he was with me,
One good time we threw snowballs at knots on a tree,
I can feel his pleasant presence always,
Me and this kid have had great fuckin days.

The Indian so honors his family,
He loves them, this I can see,
True to his friends, he'll never tell a lie,
Once we found a golden leaf when we were high.

Las Vegas, man I'll never forget,
Watched strippers while they were on the set,
Ya, shit, I got fake weed and coke,
First we were mad, then looked at it as a joke.

He has so much love, has a huge heart,
I've got this kids back, so don't even start,
Honestly, I think we'll be friends till the very end,
So much patience with others, I can't comprehend.

Oh ya man, you and me are what we call AKC,
You're one of my best friends and always will be,
Thanks for being true, and being you man,
Anything in life you want, know you can.

Micheal Myers

Haunting every victim that he greets,
His old ragged house is where he meets,
Halloween is his killing night,
He'll find you, you're always in his sight.

Run as fast as you can down the stairs,
Scared as hell, what's standing? Your arm hairs,
Run to the kitchen, he's right behind you!
Stabbing you with his butchers knife is what he'll do.

You got out of the house to get away,
But this is not the finish of his play,
You go to the police station, praying someone's there,
As you walk in, there is fresh blood everywhere.

Micheal obviously got there first,
Your time to die, Micheal's kills are the worst,
Running to the basement cause there's nowhere else to go,
Made the wrong move, damn does that blow.

Sitting in the dark, you hope your not found,
All you can do is hold your breath and hope he's not around,
Look to the left, look to the right, you see his knife,
You scream! Now Micheal wants your life.

He grabs you by the neck, slams you against the wall,
Cuts your Achilles tendons so you have to crawl,
Stabs you numerous times in the back and heart,
Next victim, it's his time to start.