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Monday, November 1, 2010

Friend Chief Indian

So I know this kid, Chief Indian,
He loves walking Ace the dog in the canyon,
Has no crazy feathers in his hair,
With this kid, anything I could share.

For his first time eating mushrooms, he was with me,
One good time we threw snowballs at knots on a tree,
I can feel his pleasant presence always,
Me and this kid have had great fuckin days.

The Indian so honors his family,
He loves them, this I can see,
True to his friends, he'll never tell a lie,
Once we found a golden leaf when we were high.

Las Vegas, man I'll never forget,
Watched strippers while they were on the set,
Ya, shit, I got fake weed and coke,
First we were mad, then looked at it as a joke.

He has so much love, has a huge heart,
I've got this kids back, so don't even start,
Honestly, I think we'll be friends till the very end,
So much patience with others, I can't comprehend.

Oh ya man, you and me are what we call AKC,
You're one of my best friends and always will be,
Thanks for being true, and being you man,
Anything in life you want, know you can.

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