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Monday, January 24, 2011


Why is there such hate in this world
Vengeful bombs
Family piercing bullets
Kills from thousands of miles away

I don't know what I'm saying
I can just feel the pain today
Cuts of hatred towards oneself
Gets me thinking
Why did I do it

Tangled up in side winding stairs of mass illusion
Confusing words for absorption
Where did it all end
Or did it just begin

Lost in a trance of romance
In bliss from her kiss
Snug from her hug
I cry
She lied
She hates me
Just acted for a few seconds of fame
I take the blame

Just thoughts erupting from above
I feel like this world needs a little love
I want to change this cruel world
But how

Prince Johnafan
Where are ya headed, Missouri
Why ya in such er hurry
Duuuh, can I help yer some
I promis I ain't dum
I jus lef my thinkin cap at yerlonders capinn

Well there good sir, what do we have for the winner
A trip all around the world
Choose any place
You get to drop the bomb
Just with the touch of your index finger

Bow to your leader
Yes master
What the fuck did you just say
Yes master
Off with his head

That's what this world has come to

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