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Thursday, January 20, 2011


MMMMMM Melissa
Your pretty hair shines in the sun
Running down the beach
Your having fun
Smile as big as Texas
Holding your hand is the bestest
Being by you is like opening a present
You are angel sent
I get all gitty thinking about you
To kiss you, I'd love to do
Eyes like shooting stars
Voice like beautiful acoustic guitars
I'll send my love your way
Under the pine trees we can play
Nothing about you makes me frown
It's cool how around me you can act like a clown
I respect you more than any man has
Lets go boogie to some jazz
Skin so soft like a babies face
In my heart, you've found a place
Ahh, it feels so good knowing
Knowing your in my arms, glowing
You've got my full attention
Oh, I forgot to mention
I've fallen in love with an amazing woman
You are that perfect person

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