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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Father, I hope you know I respect you,
Let me know if there is anything I can do,
Our family is one of a kind,
A better dad I wouldn't find.

When I heard the news,
I wanted to be in your shoes,
Take away your aching pain,
Drive it away on the slow train.

Dad, I know we'll always be together,
I know you'll guide me through any rainy weather,
Everyone who has met you speaks of you highly,
Remember you'd draw on my fingernail? A smiley:).

I'm so glad you did scouts with all of us,
Sorry about how much I cuss,
Elk hunting on those frigid, freezing nights,
You always help me with my scary frights.

You have raised great sons and beautiful daughters,
You still have many glorious chapters,
Dad, I hope I'm just like you when I'm older,
Your spirit is like a rock solid boulder.

I know you'll be there on my wedding day,
Ha, you always give me way good pay,
Remember when Tim dropped that metal grate on your head?
Must have hurt, tears I would have shed.

No one on earth is like Jeffrey Neil Smith,
But this man is no myth,
He is real, he is my dad,
I've barely seen this man mad.

My dad has so much love for his family,
He would do anything so he could see,
My brothers and I play our sports,
Even stood by me when I went to the courts.

No one else is better than my father,
Mess with him, me you'll bother,
I'd do anything for this man,
Beat the cancer, I KNOW YOU CAN.

Your family loves you so so much,
You're always there for us, thanks a bunch,
Our family will be together forever,
Have I seen this man give up? NEVER.

Love you dad,

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