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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where Will I Go?

The rocky pit of Hell now consumes my soul,
At least for the moment. I have a hole,
In my heart, it aches inside,
It's right now that I have to decide.

To work on me being happy and loving me,
If i do this, I know I'll be set free,
Not to, I'll stay in this misery of thinking,
I don't want to be a miserable human being.

What do I see? I'm perfect in my own way,
Or be sad, and Hell is where I'll stay,
If that's what i choose, you won't see the real me,
But choosing happiness is where I'm supposed to be.

Now to explain my Hell, I'm rotting every second,
My mind, body, and soul, up for grabs is recond,
Evil in my eyes, hatred in my heart,
The true me I am no longer a part.

My Heaven is me having peace and bliss,
Every negative experience and thought I won't miss,
I'll be true to myself and others around,
My mind, body, and soul will have been found.

Where to go? It's hard to choose but not,
Heaven or Hell? In this life I've only got one shot,
It's all or nothing, either way I'll give it my all,
Stand up tall and push forward, or I'll give up and fall.

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