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Friday, January 28, 2011

Banana Sea

Bright yellow banana sailing off to sea,
Monkeys sad hanging from a lanky tree,
Sun rising slowly over the horizon,
White seagulls flying towards the orange sun.

On the banana ship is an old captain frog,
"Arrrg, we be needed to get out of this here misty fog,"
Sailors with their black sea hats,
No one except the captain chats.

The sea is a dark blue green,
It's starting to get mean,
Slamming against the banana, water gets in,
The banana's death is about to begin.

Scattering in fright, the sailors get scared,
Sink or swim? That's what they compared,
"We shall stand firmly with honor and fight!"
Getting as much water out with all their might.

Success! They saved the damn banana!
Getting back to shore, they see Hanna Montana,
Singing gracefully, the town cheers as they arrive,
The sun started setting around five,
There was a massive party that night,
All sleeping now, the last person turns out the light.

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