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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jim's Death

Morrison Morrison, why did you go?
You gave the world such an amazing show,
When I read about how you passed,
While at worked my mind crashed.

I too know what it's like to pass away in the bath,
What it caused was a crazy aftermath,
Lying in blood, we both found a smile,
About your death, sometimes I'm in denial.

I wish I knew you personally,
Maybe it will happen after my fatality,
You were such a different person,
I relate knowing I'm not alone, feel comfort in the sun.

Will you please come visit me while I dream?
I know we'd win with you on my team,
We could accomplish so many things,
I feel comfort when he sings.

The blue bird whistles a sad song,
No one wanted to say goodbye, so long,
The reptiles shed a tear from loosing a friend,
But I know this is not the end.

If I get to meet you sometime,
We can exchange a rhyme,
I wish I could have been your pal,
Tonight I cry at the moon and howl.

You will never be forgotten,
I want to visit you in your coffin,
One day I'll fly out to Paris to visit,
Love ya Jim, a piece of my heart you fit.

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