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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Surgeon

The razor sharp knife opens his skin,
Your teacher tells you how deep to cut,
Instantly blood comes from within,
The patient keeps his eyes wide shut.

He starts to groan, it's unbearable pain,
As you watch, your stomach churns,
Getting woozy, you slip and cut a main vein,
He's getting cold, but his cut burns.

In and out of consciousness, you go blank,
You fucked up, now it's time to pay,
Then your teacher tells you to grab the shank,
"You need to fix the other arm the right way.

Getting ready for the second surgery,
You try to wash your hands clean,
But blood keeps appearing, won't leave you be,
Looking at your own arms, you did something you didn't mean.

Realizing you were doing surgery on your arms,
You scream, start to feel sick in your head,
Last thing you hear is the faint sound of alarms,
Open your eyes, you're a soul, you body is dead.

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