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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Two Pigs

All I can see right now is fucking ugly people,
Blonde, balding, long, thinning hair,
Cratering pimple scars have invaded his face,
Fat pink shin, looking like a pig with a wretched smile,
You make me sick!
How can you give up on yourself?
Ended up looking like your red headed step mother beat the fuck out of you with a metal crowbar.

The woman he's with....
Faded maroon hair with an ugly black flower holding her tangles together,
Fake drawn on red eyebrows,
A nose like Mt. Everest,
You could ski down it.

I want to slam these two persons faces together,
Smash them up like play dough,
Mix their faces together and try to make something somewhat decent out of it,
Fix your fucking faces you dirty pigs!

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