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Monday, January 17, 2011

Rocket Science

Come on, write it down now!
Ok, ok

Rocket science is the so prolonged word
I've wanted this rocket science poem


For some reason I've wanted to start out every new poem I think of with rocket science
Ah shit!
I finally did it!

Rocket science filled with confusion
Get out of my head and stay on this paper
I know nothing about you

Creatures with ambiguous features
Skeleton in human sorrow
Let me free to flow

Sometimes I want to fly
Did you see him cry?
No, why does it matter?
Cause he's getting fatter

Just leave him be, ok
We'll help him get skinny another day
Lets launch him into space
He won't look so fat out there
Come on, out of despair
He needs it really bad

Launch off
He's in space
That's my rocket science

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