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Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm just writing to let it out
I just want to shout out loud
Nothing else helps me right now
I wish God would show me how
To save my dad from cancer
I just want an answer
Why is it happening to such a good man
Our family needs him
He has our plan
The blue print of how we stick together
Always working in the stormy weather
It just sucks
I've been hit by hundreds of trucks
Smashed my brain into pieces
Somebody come rescue me
I can't move
But I have something to prove
I can be there for my dad
Whether it be good or bad
I'm there
I swear
Nothing can compare
To my dad, It's just not fair
It's like a dull knife being shoved in my chest
Being shot without a bullet proof vest
Let this all work out for the best
I just need to get some rest
Please pray for my father
If you don't feel the need
Fuck you, don't even bother
Fuck this
Fuck it

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