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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I like being in a trance of romance
Feeling like butterflies rising in the wind
We are free
Free to fly wherever we want
Lets go to Paris
Visit Jim's grave
See that tall tower, whatever it's called
Go to the sea and bathe
Rest on the beaches
Climb to the highest mountain on earth
We'll see what nature teaches

I want to get married under a tree
In the forest where everything is green
Snakes slither around curious
What are these things gathered
What is the reason they are crying happily
Is it some kind of weird joke
No you crazy snakes
It's love from one to another

Dancing under the sunlit stars
We combine our fingers like puzzle pieces that have so missed each other
Looking at each other, we smile
It's been awhile

I haven't felt this combination
Opening the lock over my heart
The romance did start

Filled with glee
I give her the ring
In awe
Loosing her breath
She says yes

When will you enter in my life
I love the feeling you give freely
But also well earned

Have I done the right
To dance with one in the moon light
Free from all other beings
Except the chirps of the crickets in love
I get these amazing thoughts and feelings
Enter me romance when I've done enough

I love you my soon to be babe
For you, if you want, I'll shave
Give you back tickles on command
Then write "I love you" in the sand


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