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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tempting Godess

You little tempting, devil goddess
I promise your beauty is countless
Where did you get those voluptuous brown eye's
Sexy as hell, you get all the guys

Your figure just drives me absolutely wild
Breath taking like a new born child
Honestly I can't explain how attractive you are
I hope I'm not under your standards bar

When I write about someone in my book
It's usually cause they make me second look
It was your seducing lips that got my attention
What I would do for a little affection

I know you already got a thing going on right now
I respect that, but I could really show you how
If you don't know what, use your imagination
I'll make you feel like a new creation

Well that's just a little of how I feel about you
I really hope this doesn't make you shoo
I'm guessing you read this joyfully
Someday our lips to touch together , hopefully

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