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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clean The World For Loving Us

Falling from the skies
I can see birds with my eyes
Down below is the city of Salt Lake
Beauty is the make

Who was it who created such magnificence
I smell the astonishing fragrance
Like little red roses
That we smell with our noses

This earth is an amazing gift
But we've ruined it quite a bit
Filled it with pollution
Lets figure out a solution

Lets all chip in
Use the rycling bin
Stop littering everywhere
All this trash so we won't have to stare

I love our planet earth
Really it is so worth
Cleaning it would be wonderful
She'd feel good and be beautiful

Come on people
Pick up that trash wrinkle
It's really not that hard
Stop making the world feel barred

Anyways I love you all
My favorite time is Fall
Lets all do our part
All it takes is one person to start

Have a freaking great day
This is the last thing I'll say
Love the world and your neighbor
It's all in your hearts galore

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