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Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Love

Say it now!
What? You don't know what or how
The camera lens just shut
Upon the mountain of Zion
Beautiful birds be flyin
Dolphins jump, out of the sea
A huge monster with a terrible bump
Goes to land
Sits by a tree
How does he move with no legs
Duh, he does a little groove
So he can prove you can dance
To the beat of a fiddle
Ants swing with their partners
Watching you go in a trance
Under the birds wing you wanted fishing
In the sea there's a plunder
While a wicked rainstorm starts
Thunder comes out of the clouds
Millions of pounds
Rain goes in the buckets of empty hearts
Say it!
You love yourself as you are
Don't take shit near or far
From your body that's pure
There is a cure
It's love

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