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Friday, January 14, 2011

Clean Up

Her voice reminds me of fingers dragging down a chalk board
Face with so much makeup, it looks like a pig covered in mud
Body that jiggles like jello
Seeing her make me cringe
Hearing her squeal , I want to punch her in the teeth
Every word that comes out is a lie just yearning for attention
Who taught her manners? She has none
Eating with her mouth open reminds me of a fat elephant eating grass
Her smell is that of a stinky boy after gym class
Did I mention she has a beer belly?
Her legs look like rotten cottage cheese
Breath like a cat who just ate her own shit
A tiny mustache fills her upper lip
Her cackle sounds like a drunken walrus
Kankles so fat and ugly, I throw up a little in my mouth
Please, for your sake, freshen up
Maybe go run that jiggle off
And stop eating like a fig out of a troth
Love you, NOT

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