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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Levithian And Me

Riding on my horse born of thunder
His mane is solid black
Body with muscles that can tear your soul
Pure white eyes
He gives out the look of horror

Headed to Agathon to get back the sword of the Gods
My horse Levithian and I battle ogres to get to the city
Killings hundreds my sword is drenched in blood
Levithian blows smoke out his nose calming from his rage
We made it to Agathon together as one

Arriving to the gates
We are stopped by the city priest
"Do not go in, evil has taken over, you'll never make it out alive"
Pushing the priest aside, we go in with power surrounding our bodies
We see the light of the all mighty sword coming out of the castle

Slowly advancing to the moss covered stairs
We see one big, ravenous, bloodshot eye in the castle window
Pausing, we decided how we're going to act
Agreeing on staying together, we enter the wretched old castle
Getting a feeling of death, we become prepared

Then out of no where a bomb goes off and the two die
Because I don't feel like writing anymore right now

The End

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