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Monday, January 3, 2011

There's Always Light

The sulking storm cry's
Sad because the sun has left him for the cold
"Why did you leave? You are my warmth, my love."

His heart pounds slowly
Painful shocks run throughout his body
Weeps of pain and sadness run out.

Is there anything that can cure his depression?
Just then, there is a beautiful white light over the mountains.

"What is this?!"
He gets a tiny smile, a little grin
The moon passes over the mountain
Full and bright.

The moon asks, "Why are you crying my friend?
Everything is ok
There is light."

The storm realizes everything is fine
Warmth and love comes and goes
There is always hope and light.

The storm stops crying
The sun rises
Now, a beautiful vivid blue sky.

There's always warmth and cold
But light is always there
Just in different forms.

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